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Serbs steal up to to Gazprom

the Daughter the oil company - group Optima has bought the developer of systems of safety Khaoticen

As Nemanja Nikitovich became known daily, the founder of the Serbian developer of systems of safety Khaoticen, has sold the business of the Russian company, affilirovannoj with Gazprombank - Group Optima. On the basis of Khaoticen the Russian company is going to develop an information security direction. Experts consider that the Serbian developer has managed Optima approximately in 20 million dollars

that Group Optima has got Serbian Khaoticen and intends to construct on the basis of this active a new direction of the business on information security, representatives of Group have told daily and the founder of Serbian company Nemanja Nikitovich has confirmed. As they said, As a result of the transaction Group Optima has got control over the European developer of systems of corporate information security Khaoticen . According to the previous owner of the Serbian active, as a result of transfer of the company to the Russian Group Optima, it has received a place in board of directors. Exact volume of means which to it was listed by the Russian company for the Serbian active, g - n Nikitovich has refused to name.

Former owner Khaoticen notices that the active has been sold counting on that led by the Russian company it will be possible to enter the new regional markets. The general director of group Optima Alexander Oganjan notices that in plans — to develop the business of information security in Russia, on the Balkans, in Europe, and also to master the market of Southern Africa. naturally, it would be interesting to me, if the Gazprombank became as a result the customer of our systems of information security, but the transaction purpose consisted at all in it — adds g - n Nikitovich.

In December of last year Natalia Kaspersky`s InfoWatch company has got the German manufacturer of an anti-virus software — cynapspro and portirovala it on the Russian market of information security for small and average business. In opinion g - zhi Kaspersky, business of its company will directly not compete with Optima Infosecurity. the Serbian company, certainly, successful in a segment of bank safety, however here arises a question, its merge and the subsequent teamwork to current actives of group Optima which is engaged generally integratorskimi in functions " will be how much successful; — marks g - zha Kaspersky.

Group of companies Khaoticen has earned for the first half of the year 2012 of an order of 8 million dollars, its basic clients are Raiffeisen Bank, Telenor, OTP Bank and the governmental structures of Serbia. As the head of a direction of broker service in the international markets BKS Alexey Ivin marks, the sum of transaction at full absorption of an active can make about 20 million dollars, proceeding from a double gain for the first half of the year 2012 and the general margin on acquisition in 30 %.