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The fourth mobile operator became closer to vacuum cleaners

Tele2 wants to involve highly remunerative subscribers in a network Eldorado

As it became known daily, operator Tele2 has added in a network of distribution of the contracts of the seller of home appliances and electronics Eldorado . Competitors of the Swedish operator from the big three some years sell SIM - cards in federal retail of home appliances and electronics. Though on this channel it is necessary no more than 5 % of sales, incomes of subscribers considerably above, than in traditional mobile retail, have counted up in MTS — to the owner of the large-scale contract with Eldorado .

Some days ago we have entered into the agreement with a home appliances and electronics network Eldorado . Connection complete sets to network Tele2 have appeared this week in 155 shops Eldorado Located in regions of action of a network of the operator — the director for corporate communications of the operator Cyril Aljavdin has told daily. SIM - cards Tele2 will take place on regiments of shops of a network in section of sales of mobile phones, the representative of the operator explains.

in the Spring of this year operator Tele2 perepodpisal the contract with the Euronetwork on sale SIM - cards. Ritejler undertakes to realise an order of 700 thousand contracts. In total operator can pay Euronetworks about 500 million rbl. — in Euronetworks expect to receive a maximum 700 rbl. from each involved subscriber. coherent also offers in the salons of service Tele2. Simultaneously ritejler is engaged in development monobrendovogo the project of the operator. About strategic partnership of the company have agreed in March of this year. As wrote daily in June, till the end of 2012 ritejler and the operator are going to open 20 polnoformatnyh shops in the most occupied regions. Tele2 will incur a payment for rent and opening of shops, and Coherent will add in them the assortment of the equipment and services and will be engaged in management. For distribution in small settlements Tele2 considers important cooperation with Mail of Russia and Rospechat mark in the company. By estimates of the operator, in the first half of the year 2012 the number of points of presence Tele2 in retail has increased by 15 % in comparison with the similar period of last year.

According to a source daily in the market of a mobile retail, the big federal contract at Eldorado is while only at MTS. with other operators the big three only various local sales — he adds. MTS co-operates with networks Eldorado M.Video the White wind Digital in Moscow also with the Ion makes comments in a press - service of the operator. with the majority of them interaction is adjusted for a long time, with M.Video we co-operate from current year. The share of these networks in total amount of retails of MTS is in limits of 5 % — explain in the company. According to the operator, buyers in these shops — the subscribers generating high ARPU as there basically modems, date - SIM - cards are got, date - complete sets (the equipment for data transmission in mobile networks). We have started to co-operate with home appliances networks several years ago. Now we SIM - cards can be got in all large networks of home appliances in Moscow, and also in a number of regions — the representative " explains; Vympelcom Anna Ajbasheva. the Megaphone Sells contracts in networks of many large partners, but the rate it is done on own retail network — the representative " makes comments; the Megaphone Julia Dorohina. Now at us more than 3000 salons of communication on all country — she adds.