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Apple Corporation Apple has displaced ExxonMobil in Financial Times rating

has won first place in a rating “ the largest companies of the world on market capitalisation “. Before the first place belonged to oil and gas giant ExxonMobil. Experts of Financial Times notice that change of the leader testifies to change of priorities of investors: they have preferred to the raw companies the technological.

Financial Times has made 16 - j the annual list “ 500 largest companies of the world on market capitalisation “ (FT Global 500 2012). In comparison with last year the three of leaders has undergone essential changes. Apple has risen on two positions and has occupied the top line of a rating with market cost in 559 mlrd dollars for the last year, having overtaken thereby the long-term leader - oil and gas company ExxonMobil (408,8 mlrd dollars) . Chinese Petrξ Ρhina with capitalisation in 278,97 mlrd dollars has moved from the second line on the third.

the Fourth and fifth places in a rating have got Microsoft (270,6 mlrd dollars) and IBM (241,7 mlrd dollars). Them follow Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Royal Dutch Shell, China Mobile and General Electric. Oil and gas company Chevron (211,9 mlrd dollars) closes first ten.

the Russian companies lose positions in a rating of world business. Now in the list 10 domestic companies are registered, in their last year was 11. This time have excluded New Lipetsk metallurgical industrial complex (344 - I a line in 2011) and “ Severstal “ (479 - I a line in 2011), but with annual capitalisation at a rate of 23,38 mlrd the dollars are included “ Uralkaly “ (374 - I a line).

the Russian leader “ Gazprom “ which in a last year`s rating was on 15 - m a place (190,83 mlrd dollars) This year has essentially lost the positions. As a result, 31 - e a place with 145,76 mlrd dollars Also have worsened the positions “ Rosneft “ (75,65 mlrd dollars) with 56 - go places on 79 - e and the Savings Bank (72,19 mlrd dollars) With 73 - go on 86 - e a place.

Closes a rating of the largest companies of the world on market capitalisation the Swiss bank Swedbank with market cost at a rate of 17,9 billion Total capitalisation of all 500 companies has decreased for 3,6 % in comparison with 2011 and dollars, thus the basic share make at present 25,3 trln belongs to banks.

According to the general director of telecommunication company CTI Oleg ShChapova, success of company Apple consists that she has managed to unite “ sector the Internet - economy and a strong consumer brand with its material embodiment in the form of the advanced devices “.

Leadership Apple signals about change of an investment demand towards the technological companies, the expert in conversation with daily has noted. However to speak about trend change it is inappropriate, he considers.

“ In one basket investors all eggs do not put, let even it is a basket which is called “ High technologies “. The Same Samsung, despite the big themes of growth of incomes and profit, has lost in capitalisation “ - it explains, adding that investors also are afraid that further rates of increase of some technological companies will be not so high, and the potential for growth is close to exhaustion.

“ investors can feel the Same after as soon as themes of growth of business Apple " will be reduced; - has declared g - n Shchapov.

Annual rating FT Global 500 considers relative indicators of the countries and sektory economy. The companies take places according to market capitalisation (the action price is multiplied by quantity of the let out actions). Thus, the more the company is appreciated in stock market, the above its line in a rating. The data for the list gathered following the results of the auctions on March, 30th, 2012.