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Pussy Riot has arrived

Opponents of participants the punk - groups demand new arrests

Today preliminary hearings on business Pussy Riot will proceed. In the meantime opponents of participants of group demand new arrests, and as has found out daily, it is impossible to exclude occurrences new accused of partnership in scandalous the punk - molebne.

Preliminary hearings pass in the closed mode. As Violetta Volkova has told daily lawyer Pussy Riot, some petitions of the party of protection today will be considered: lawyers demand to exclude a part of materials from business, declare witnesses, ask to appoint new psihologo - linguistic examination, and also to return business in Office of Public Prosecutor or at least to give to more time for acquaintance with it.

Hearings have begun on Friday - then to girls for half a year have prolonged holding in custody. The Hamovnichesky court where case is considered, has been surrounded by metal obstacles, to its building have pulled together some police buses. Journalists on court has come so many that from court enforcement officers has occupied almost 50 minutes their placing in narrow ladder pass before an office where take place sessions.

Before metal protections some tens supporters and opponents Pussy Riot, besides, have gathered. Among opponents the three of the young men dressed on a fashion of football hooligans, photographing opponents was allocated. In the rest the contradictory parties communicated with each other though and with obvious contempt, but is quiet: they have discussed Christian dogma, ethical standards, a political situation and the Russian legislation. The police has detained only two persons for loud appeals to release participants the punk - groups. Among come to support girls were Boris Akunin, Andrey Bilzho and Lev Rubinshtejn. “ As it is possible to affect destiny of girls, not clearly. To the authorities it is indifferent, how many signatures were under a declaration in support the punk - groups. I consider that process does not submit to logic: with their identical probability can both release, and plant “ - has declared daily g - n Bilzho. “ While we how process will develop. We think what to make, except the known letter “ - has explained g - n Rubinshtejn. Support ­ Pussy Riot abroad spreads­: during the last days for girls have stood up the co-chairman of German party “ the Union 90/ Green “ Klaudija the Mouth and group Red Hot Chili Peppers which vocalist left in a vest in their support at a concert in St.-Petersburg.

Opponents Pussy Riot as a whole are happy with actions pravoohranitelej and now want to find certain “ organizers “ the punk - molebna. “ I personally the problem see prozhat that have more likely started to search for organizers of the action “ - Alexander Bosyh, one of co-ordinators of campaign against Pussy Riot has told daily. G - n Barefooted it is assured that girls could not organise the scandalous action. He says that nationalists possess a network of informants both among liberals, and among anarchists and anti-fascists. G - n Barefooted asserts that, under its information, for Pussy Riot there are certain people who ostensibly give money and for campaign in their support. In particular, it is a question “ about one of organizers of the first meetings of opposition “ - Alexander Bosyh cannot tell yet more in detail whom he means.

In existence “ organizers “ also members " are assured; the National cathedral “. On the meeting of this movement which passed in Sunday and have collected about thousand of persons, the requirement them to find was one of the cores. The head of the Moscow organisation “ the National cathedral “ Alexander Lapin in conversation with the correspondent daily has assumed that the punk - moleben could order “ the high-ranking liberals who are in power structures with 90 - h years “.

Violetta Volkova has informed daily that it is impossible to exclude new arrests “ accomplices “ Pussy Riot: the part of materials of the business transferred in court is allocated in separate manufacture. Within the limits of new business other actions spent on behalf of Pussy Riot are considered, is found out, whether there were girls ekstremistkami. “ There much that else can be, is simple so the authorities on it will not calm down “ - tells g - zha Volkova.

Also last week a number of representatives of the Duma opposition have demanded to punish Pussy Riot - including for art - the actions spent not only their group. There was an offer to enter separate criminal article for attempt on “ public morals “. Pavel Krasheninnikov, the head of the Duma committee of the legislation­, has declared daily that, of course, the legislation basically should be moral­, but he very much doubts necessity of such article for the Criminal code.

One of the political strategists working with “ an United Russia “ so has commented on activization of the Duma opposition about it: “ And why all of us should do shit? Let they will work now … This all multiple combinations: for example, now we can show suspension and moderately support art workers … In general that obscurantists that freethinkers are two big active public groups. That that others to the Kremlin are disloyal. The longer they will struggle with each other, the to us it is more favourable “.