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Dismissal for dismissal

Nakaz Kolokoltseva to dismiss police chiefs Head of linear management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia at the airport of Domodedovo Vasily Jaremchuk has found the first application in Domodedovo

became the first who has left the post for dismissal backdating the subordinate who has got on an offence. To punish the heads for similar miracles earlier the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev has ordered.

Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev almost at once as has headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has forbidden practice of dismissal often used in law enforcement bodies backdating the policemen who have got on offences. For disobedience it has threatened with dismissal of chiefs. The first who has risked not to listen to the order of the minister, there was a head of the police of the airport of Domodedovo the colonel of police Vasily Jaremchuk.

On Friday the order on its dismissal was signed by the chief of department on transport of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on TSFO Victor Shimarov. In police promise to take measures to two employees - to the head of the personnel device and the deputy chief of police on protection of a public order of linear management. In a press - to service of transport management daily have explained that the first will be dismissed, and the second will lower in a post.

dismissal backdating the employee of linear management - the ensign of police Alexey Karpushkina accused of theft of automobile wheels became the Reason of personnel punishments. Statements of citizens that from their cars left on parkings near the airport of Domodedovo, wheels abduct, in police arrived regularly. Employees of criminal investigation department of department Domodedovo GU the Ministries of Internal Affairs across Moscow Region suited on June, 30th, 2012 an ambush and have caught thieves. Early in the morning on parking 4 they have seen, how two persons remove wheels from Volkswagen Passat car.

Field investigators have caught malefactors red-handed at departure from parking. The ensign of police Alexey Karpushkin and his wife have appeared them. Helping them to take out stolen the taxi driver is put on the wanted list. Criminal case is raised on ch. 2 items 158 UK (theft), in it four episodes of wheel thefts. The ensign have placed under a subscription about nevyezde, the fault he recognised completely.

However when inspectors began to find out the status of Karpushkina, was suddenly found out that a day before detention he has ostensibly written the official report about dismissal from police at own will . The spent check has established that its dismissal has been issued backdating.

do not try to dismiss backdating as in the conditions of today`s development of modern technologies and distribution of the information it only will aggravate a situation. React instantly: the fact has happened - at once make the rigid decision and publish it in mass-media - the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev on ministerial board warned earlier.

Dismissal of Jaremchuka should become indicative for other heads and discourage them to dismiss the guilty subordinates - have commented daily on a situation in a press - the centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.