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Kolokoltsev the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev has forbidden to block roads for trains of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

has forbidden to block streets for the sake of journey of trains with the high-ranking officials of power ministry. The discontent of the Penza inhabitants became the reason. On it informs a press - the department centre.

Today Vladimir Kolokoltsev has made the corresponding order, and he has warned about personal responsibility of heads of managements and departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for execution of new instructions. The case in Penza where head of agents of national security has arrived together with the head of Federal migratory service Konstantin Romodanovsky on July, 11th became the reason of such decision. Local authorities have blocked a number of city highways for the high-ranking officials. Local residents have started to show discontent, including on the Internet.

In the Ministry of Internal Affairs have noticed that on July, 21st, during visit of Kolokoltseva to Krymsk which have suffered from flooding, any restrictions for a traffic in a city it was not created. And only two minibuses and a police escort car entered into a train of the minister.

Under the law, inspectors of traffic police have the right to block road under instructions of Federal Agency of protection for journey of officials which are under state protection. The president, the prime minister - the minister, chairmen of the Supreme, Higher arbitration and Constitutional courts, speakers of the State Duma and the Federation Council and the general public prosecutor use such privilege.