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Term between lines

Examination has found in the statement of governor Tkacheva signs international break a set

Linguists have found in the statement of the governor of Krasnodar territory signs international break a set. Research explains the claims which have arisen at the public concerning recent performance of Alexander Tkacheva about expression Caucasians from region. Yesterday it has received condemnation of the speaker of parliament of the Chechen Republic, members of Public chamber will direct the reference to the State Office of Public Prosecutor in the end of August. To co-operate with diasporas on Kuban to Tkachevu nationalists advise even.

the statement which has Caused loud scandal governor Tkachev has made on August, 3rd on board regional GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Addressing to police officers, it has complained that in the next Stavropol Territory, in its opinion, the earths very easily occupy other people, first of all the Caucasian nationalities, and already Russian part of the population there feels nekomfortno . I thought and reflected that we still will be in time that between caucasus and Kuban there is a filter, Stavropol Territory, but now I see that it is not present. The following - we - summarised g - n Tkachev.

On Monday to bring action against Alexander Tkacheva for kindling of international hatred and appeals to extremist activity the chairman of the party " has demanded from Investigatory committee; the Apple Sergey Mitrokhin. He has told that under law SKR should answer it within a month, and resignation of Tkacheva the Apple will make one of the basic requirements on elections in regional Legislative Assembly in this autumn.

To critic Tkacheva the Public chamber was connected also. Member OP, the head of club Multinational Russia Alexander Sokolov has told daily that members OP intend to address in the State Office of Public Prosecutor concerning Alexander Tkacheva`s scandalous statement in the end of August that after a season of holidays such reference could be organised from council OP and to show, in such a manner that this consolidated opinion of public men. In the reference, by words g - on Sokolov, members OP will ask public prosecutors to check up legality of formation the Cossack police to organise which it is planned on Kuban. Whether

to bring action against g - on Tkacheva for kindling international break a set, g - n Sokolov leaves to the discretion of SKR. However, he has told daily that one of these days will publish the examination spent by the Rostov linguists from which follows that speech g - on Tkacheva promotes kindling international break a set. directly under those paragraphs, by those words... Perhaps, Tkachev also wanted as better, but it has turned out as always - he speaks. By words g - on Sokolov, examination was spent not within the limits of any business, and as expression of a civic stand of scientists.

the Press - Alexander Tkacheva Anna Minkova`s secretary underlines that its chief did not aspire to kindle international rozn, and expressed illegal immigration, and hopes that Tkachev will not be subjected to criminal prosecution.

it is surprising that to co-operate with diasporas in business of maintenance of an order on Kuban to Tkachevu nationalists advise even: the member of presidium of the Congress of Russian communities (KRO) Alexander Bosyh has declared daily that as a whole supports Alexander Tkacheva`s undertaking and intends to address in the near future to the Krasnodar governor as at KRO there is a project of the teams similar to what it is planned to create on Kuban. However, g - n Barefooted considers that it is quite possible to involve national diasporas in their work, as he said, they frequently are interested in stopping illegal actions of fellow tribesmen.