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The Rostov linguists accuse Alexander Tkacheva of kindling international break a set

On hand daily there was an examination of speech of Alexander Tkacheva, made Association of linguists based in Rostov-on-Don - experts of the South of Russia. According to linguists, speech of the governor at the expanded session of board GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Krasnodar territory promotes on August, 2nd kindling international break a set.

the Most obvious way of creation of opposition is an attributing of negative characteristics to one communities and positive another - linguists confirm. The word g - on Tkacheva also give: We when come to the Caucasian republics or Europe, we always try to be arranged under their vital principles and foundations: loudly we do not speak in the language, we do not do any inadequate actions to be imperceptible. This normal civilised behaviour of the person. But we see, how our visitors behave absolutely on - to another - especially at coast. Can include national music and go on quay, it is impossible where to go, to attract attention. To behave impudently, cynically .

According to the Rostov linguists, in speech g - on Tkacheva attributing of a negative estimation to group of the people generated to an ethnic sign (" contains; Caucasians break a public order, do not respect tradition of indigenous population, behave cynically and impudently ), and also opposition of the given group to other groups ( Russian and Cossacks independent, strong, majestic plowmen - patriots ) .

G - n Tkachev concretises actions which should be executed in relation to group negatively estimated by it: Thus, I am assured, we do not have other way - we will squeeze out, put things in order, ask documents, to be engaged in a migratory policy (whence has arrived, what for and etc.) .

According to the linguists, following statements of the governor are propagation of exclusiveness and the superiority of one social group over another :

They are our ancestors, in our veins their blood flows, from them has gone For the tsar, for belief, for Fatherland . They both ploughed the earths, and worked, without sparing itself, on the family, they had plots.

If Peter I has mastered the European open spaces, Ekaterina through Cossacks - the South of Russia. And it is the earth, grain, bread, well-being for native land. Has passed only 100 years - it is insignificant a little. And these people have the right to existence, on living on this earth and, the most important thing to protect it.

that is impossible for you to [police] - to the Cossack is possible. In certain degree, at household level, on subconscious, on conceptual .

from speech g - on Tkacheva linguists have counted Below-mentioned citations tendentious use of the negative information :

I will tell following supervision. There is Stavropol Territory - our neighbours, our brothers, and we see, how much the feeling of a generality, solidarity and in t there is lost. ch. A cultural heritage. And these earths will very easily veil other people. First of all, the Caucasian nationalities... The people which, actually, has created there is no time, has won this fertile hospitable region with the traditions (in t. ch. And Cossack), year after year hands over positions.
we see it across Yugoslavia - Albanians, Croats... At first Croats there were 80 %, Albanians - 20 %. Then there was all on the contrary, it is literally in 50 years. They began to pull down temples, the culture, religion began to dominate, conflicts, expression, blood, war small, war big have begun. And all - is not present the country, there are no people, thousand refugees worldwide and etc. .

According to scientists, speech of the governor of Krasnodar territory humiliates honour and belittles advantage of Caucasians, promotes occurrence of feeling of the protest and counter enmity.

Similar examinations are usually used in criminal trials on to extremist articles . Both charge, and protection address to scientists - to experts that they have estimated the statement considered in court: scientists can quite come to mutually exclusive conclusions, and last word remains for the judge.