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Makarevichu have told how to win corruption

the Representative at the president of the Russian Federation on protection of the rights of businessmen Boris Titov has commented otrytoe on Andrey Makarevicha`s letter to the head of the state concerning system corruption. To win it it is possible, if the state faces businessmen, the ombudsman is assured.

It is necessary to be objective. In the situation which have developed in the country with corruption there is also a fault of business too. But officials define game rules, and business and people are compelled to play by these rules, and under our conditions more often to lose – the federal representative by the rights of businessmen Boris Titov has declared, making comments on the discussion which has arisen in a society around otrytogo Andrey Makarevicha Vladimir Putin`s letter and the answer of the head of the state.

Rules of raw economy are that that the number of officials grows, and the private initiative decreases, the number of the businessmen occupied in competitive business falls, and corruption gets system character – the ombudsman has explained. many corrupted officials not only extort bribes, but also, selecting another`s property, without being concealed conduct own, more often black, business. Which unlike normal, working, competitive at us in the country, unfortunately, prospers – it ascertains.

According to the ombudsman, with system corruption it is necessary to struggle on all fronts. we from its part do the part: have created system of the help to businessmen on concrete disputes, we pull out people from - under criminal prosecutions, we achieve removal of administrative barriers. Perhaps it while the little, but it though something. To win system corruption probably, only if the state faces private competitive modern business, will create conditions that in the country it was favourable and safe to make – Boris Titov has declared.

As informed daily earlier, legendary musician Andrey Makarevich has addressed the day before, on August, 7th, with the post card to president Vladimir Putin in whom has asked the head of the state to solve a problem of universal corruption. He has paid attention of the president to recoils which, as he said, make to 95 %, and of court to which nobody will go to complain. I do not believe that to you so to spit on the country which has chosen you the president – has summed up the reference of Makarevich.

Reaction of the head of the state has followed immediately: corruption Problems are known. These are uneasy problems of any society: Where - that is a little efforts where - that all is serious, as at us that is typical for a transitional economy . Besides, corruption — a two-way road, the president has declared and has urged Makarevicha to write the second letter to business that that did not provoke officials.