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Generators have involved Ministry of economic development and trade

In upholding of the rights

to Generators, possibly, it will be possible to defend the position at revaluation of contracts of granting of capacity (DPM). Ministry for the Power Generating Industry ­ has developed a technique of their updating which reduced incomes of the companies, by different estimations, on 27 — 300 mlrd rbl. During discussion of the project of Ministry of economic development and trade under pressure energetikov has offered Alexander Novak`s department to finish a technique, first of all in interests of thermal generation.

Ministry of economic development and trade has published remarks to a technique of updatings DPM which should be spent each three years after start of new generating capacities. The document project has been developed Ministry for the Power Generating Industry. It is necessary for recalculation of the sums, which companies will receive from a power market. As a result of power should earn exactly so much, how many it was promised to them at signing of preferential agreements on building of new power units — DPM. But the project after publication has caused at once sharp censures from outside genkompany. By estimations of fund of strategic development of power “ Forsyte “ the generators building parogazovye installations in the first price zone (the European part of Russia and Ural Mountains), will lose 27 — 68 mlrd rbl. NP “ market Council “ has estimated loading decrease on consumers in 30 — 40 mlrd rbl. annually and in the sum to 300 mlrd rbl. — following the results of all cycle DPM.

Sources of return of means within the limits of DPM two — a payment for an electricity in the market for days forward (RSV) and a payment for capacity. According to generators, Ministry for the Power Generating Industry project overestimates their incomes on RSV that conducts to short-reception of a payment for capacity. One of stumbling-blocks of a steel of the price for gas: Ministry for the Power Generating Industry has put growth sredneotpusknoj the prices for it of 15 % though, by calculations energetikov, it will grow only on 14 %. The prices on RSV will proportionally grow also, believe in the profile ministry.

Generators say that the rise in prices for energy will be more low, besides, by their calculations, input of everyone 1 GVt will lead to reduction of price on 0,6 — 0,8 %. At annual input 6 GVt the prices will restrain on 3 — 4 %. So, at input 5 GVt in the first price zone within last 1,5 years in May of this year the real prices on RSV in Stavropol Territory have made 966 rbl. against 1068 rbl. year before. Besides, the cost of coal which is not considered at calculation of rise in prices RSV in a zone of Europe and Ural Mountains, grows more slowly, than the price of blue fuel.

Thus coal stations are and in the first price zone. It conducts all to that the look-ahead prices on RSV, calculated by Ministry for the Power Generating Industry technique, will appear above real. It will lead to short-reception of a payment for capacity, believe generators. Are dissatisfied power and other, smaller moments — definition of a payment for capacity, caloric content of gas and so forth Also in the technique project payment decrease on DPM " is provided; to economically well-founded level on 15 — 20 % “ but this level is not proved in any way. As a result all these points have been entered in remarks of Ministry of economic development and trade.

on August, 2nd Ministry for the Power Generating Industry has prepared and has directed to interested structures the corrected project, having co-ordinated it with NP “ Cξβες manufacturers of the electric power “ have informed yesterday in a press - department service. However, according to several interlocutors daily, Alexander Novak`s department has already agreed to correct separate points of a technique taking into account a position of generators. Already after negotiations in Ministry of economic development and trade consumers and energetikami there was deputy minister of Energy Michael Kurbatov. “ at this meeting generators have occupied an active position, consumers, on the contrary, not too actively defended the interests “ — one of interlocutors speaks. As acknowledgement of these words the appendix to remarks of Ministry of economic development and trade &mdash can serve; the unique applicant from industrialists became Trading - industrial chamber. Power remained are happiest with results of a meeting with g - nom Kurbatov, marks another. “ well already that the project has not been accepted in such kind “ — head " speaks; Forsyte “ Elena Kolosok. It, perhaps, first case when remarks of Ministry of economic development and trade consider interests of private investors, first of all thermal generation, is added by her.

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the Source: NP “ market Council “