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SHtokman remains without investors

Statoil has handed over the share in the project

to Uncertainty of the Shtokmanovsky project have led to that the new joint-stock agreement has not been signed. Foreign partners Gazprom should return the shares in the project, but do not hasten yet with it. Has left the package, predictably, Norwegian Statoil.

After the expiry of the term of action of the joint-stock agreement under the Shtokmanovsky project on July, 1st its participants Norwegian Statoil (24 %) and French Total (25 %) should return to Gazprom (51 %) the shares. However while it has made only Statoil. Total does not hasten to leave a share, postponing the decision for August, 30th, writes the Prime referring to sources. It is supposed that the parties will discuss this question at a meeting.

In Statoil have confirmed that their share in a consortium has returned to to Gazprom After on June, 30th has expired the joint-stock agreement. At the same time Norwegians do not exclude possibility of its prolongation. we are in direct dialogue with Gazprom also we hope to reach agreements under the project, to make its commercially favourable to all parties — the chairman of board of directors of company Jannik Lindbek has told daily. Earlier structure of board of directors Shtokman Development left head Statoil of Helge Lund and the senior vice-president on region of Europe and Asia Statoil of Kjudland Torgejr. Besides, in July all employees of the operator of the project have been dismissed almost, writes the Prime, noticing that their further destiny is unknown.

the Situation concerning project dissolution is not absolutely true — representative Shtokman Development AG Maria Smyslova speaks. As she said, the company - the operator works in a former mode. Work on technical questions has stopped only, now we develop standard documents and regulating base — has added g - zha Smyslova. Representatives Total and Gazprom comments have refused. In the end of July the financial director French Total Patrick de lja Shevarde said that the company is interested in this project, but regarding its realisation still there are resolved questions.

Earlier desire to participate in the project declared English - Dutch Shell and American ExxonMobil (see daily from 7. 06. 12). Thus interest of both companies to Shtokmanu is not casual: in due time ExxonMobil and Shell participated in negotiations at early stages of discussion of the project.

As it stands consortium Shtokman Development cannot start some years project realisation. The basic problems at participants at once a little: Too high expenses for working out, uncertainty concerning gas deliveries, absence of key privileges. As a result acceptance of the definitive investment decision was constantly postponed: in the end of March board of directors Shtokman Development has postponed it again till July, 1st. In the middle of July head Gazprom Alexey Miller has told that waits for end of consultations on a format of realisation of the project of working out of Shtokmana to an early autumn.

Analysts agree in opinion that Total has initially been more interested in the project, than Statoil. Besides, a question politized enough. And considering that at the government more close relations with the French company, it is clear, why it tightens with return of the share, the analyst " argues; Uralsib Kepital Alexey Kokin. The expert does not exclude that the project will be suspended. Gazprom Will put now to Yamal where it already has deposits which can be connected both to the centralised networks of gas supply, and to Yamal - SPG NOVATEKa, has added g - n Kokin.

it is quite possible that in the project remain Total and Shell and Statoil will return, if to it will give privileges, the analyst Rajffajzenbanka Andrey Polischuk disagrees with the colleague. At Statoil there was a strategic program on reduction of expenses and brave projects, such as Shtokman, the analyst marks. So all depends on profitability of the project, the expert concludes.