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Esprit has found a conductor from crisis

the New general director should return the companies a rank of a fashionable brand

After two months after a number of loud resignations among a top - management the manufacturer of mass clothes Esprit had a new general director. The veteran of a retail Jose Manuel Martinez Getirres from competing Inditex became them. It should reanimate the company - there is no time the leader massmarketa which loses to such giants, as Zara and H &M. Stock quotes Esprit have grown following the results of the auctions almost on 30 %.

Management Esprit has stopped the choice on Jose Martinez who was engaged eight years in consulting on a retail in McKinsey and Company in Spain then has passed in Inditex. There it improved chains of deliveries, and also supervised over branch of brand Zara in the Scandinavian countries. Martinez will start discharge of duties since September. In first two years its annual salary will make 1,5 million euro, besides to it bonuses for the same sum will be put. Also to it will be given elevating in 1,25 million euro, and also the various payments, equivalent 5 million actions.

Investors and experts have met the decision on Martinez`s appointment with delight. very positive news. This new guy knows, how the fashionable retail " works; - quotes Bloomberg trader Piper Jaffray Asia Securities Andrew Sullivan. Action Esprit bargaining in Hong Kong, following the results of the auctions have grown almost on 28 %. Judging by growth of quotations, investors have remembered that the company is no time in Hong Kong was considered as one of the most valuable among other blue counters - analyst Jyske Bank Robert Jakobsen has told daily.

Last years the company promptly loses clients - those any more do not consider Esprit as a fashionable brand, preferring to put on in Swedish H &M and Spanish Zara which carefully trace all podiumnye tendencies and update collections each six weeks. The first disturbing call for the company has rung out in 2009 when Esprit for the first time for more than ten years has fixed profit decrease, having referred to recession in Europe (on region it is necessary to 80 % of sales of the company). Since then the indicator continued to fall - following the results of last fiscal year (has ended in September) the profit has fallen to 98 %, and the management recognised that the brand has lost soul . Thus Inditex and H &M at which to Europe 37 and 52 % of sales accordingly are necessary, continued to improve the financial indicators. It testifies that the industry massmarketa as a whole is in the quite good form, despite world economy delay.

In addition to weak results the mass outcome a top - managers from the company was added. In December from Esprit financial director Chju Fuk Aun has left. Had not time to find in May the new financial head - Thomas Chang from Sino Land as in June with an interval in one day the head of board of directors Hans Joahim Kerber and general director Ronald van der have resigned Hung. Their leaving has provoked then falling of actions to 22 %. As a result the management had to justify that the company are not going to sell, and its reorganisation on 2,3 mlrd dollars remains in force as initiating it g - n van der Hung de - fakto within a year will continue to work in the company.

At Esprit there is a potential - following the results of the last quarter of sale of shops which more than one year, has grown on 0,5 %. From the new general director do not wait for a miracle. There is a plan confirmed till 2015 on reorganisation which to it should be executed accurately. Certainly, g - n Martinez will introduce in it any corrective amendments, but hardly it will be a question of any radical changes. Esprit will continue to expand the presence at China, marketing becomes more aggressive, and quality of clothes should improve - here the primary goals which performance will allow the company to compete to giants like Zara - summarised g - n Jakobsen.