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Egypt has put rocket attack across the Sinai Peninsula

the Egyptian army has put a series of rocket attacks across the Sinai Peninsula, having destroyed more than 20 prospective insurgents - Islamites around border with Israel. Attack from air became the answer to bombardment kontrolno - check point in which result 16 Egyptian frontier guards have been killed.

positions of insurgents in a city the Sheikh - Zajed located in 10 km from Gaza have undergone to Rocket attacks. According to eyewitnesses, three cars have been destroyed at least.

the Egyptian blow First since 1973 across the Sinai Peninsula has been caused by an attack on a check point, an event on August, 5th. Unknown persons have approached on a post by two cars in beduinskoj to clothes and have opened shooting. They have killed 16 frontier guards and have grasped the tank, reports Reuters. Responsibility for an attack nobody took, but the authorities of Egypt have assumed that the Palestinian insurgents are involved in incident.

the Egyptian agents of national security have already spent searches and detention in a city the Ale - Arish in the north of the Sinai Peninsula. They have arrested suspected of communications with Islamites.

Besides, in Egypt the decision to fall asleep the tunnels conducting to Gaza Strip is accepted. Through them the message with blockade territory was provided, and also products, medicines and fuel were delivered. In the boundary city of Rafah the heavy machinery for blocking of tunnels is already delivered.