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Unity in collective is more important than the high salary

Employees the American scientists neglect enrichment for the sake of human relations on a workplace

have conducted research in which course have come to a conclusion that the feeling of attachment among employees is the best stimulus, than money. According to experts, to people the respect among colleagues, than financial compensation is more important.

the Professor Business - college Tippi at University of Iowa Greg Stewart and its colleagues have found out that employees of various firms shows more high efficiency if they are a solid command.

Pressure from colleagues represents a huge motive power which at times works much more effectively, than money - has told g - n Stewart.

In experiment which was spent by scientists, 587 employees who consisted in 45 homing commands at three factories in the State of Iowa have taken part. It was necessary for examinee to distribute the certain sum of money as increase of a salary among members of the command.

Having studied the sizes of indemnifications, experts have come to a conclusion that employees will take care of more likely to disappointing with the decision of colleagues, than on own enrichment. In other words, workers did not try to allocate to themselves a great sum because money was not the main tool of their motivation.

However this principle works only in the event that members of collective are in good relations. In the event that colleagues do not care about each other, on the foreground there is a material interest.

the Command spirit serves people as the basic motivating factor in productivity increase. Therefore unity among colleagues brings more advantage, than a method a whip and spice-cake - one of authors of research, the doctor of sciences of the Texas university of an agriculture and mechanical engineering Stephen Kotrajt speaks.

According to the director for marketing HeadHunter of Olga Manannikovoj when money becomes the unique strong motivating factor, the employee starts to work badly.

Moreover, in some months such employee begins to look for other work. All the matter is that money cannot detain for a long time the person there where it is not pleasant to it. Truly and the return - without the worthy salary it is impossible to make the employee loyal the companies. I think that people remain on one place during long time only under condition of a successful combination of several most important factors for each concrete worker. I, for example, advise to nobody to change work only for the sake of income increase, there should be still any stimulus - has noted g - zha Manannikova.

Meanwhile the practical psychologist of the company Man`s consulting Evgenie Sajapin only partly agree with conclusions of Americans, noticing that the behaviour of the person in collective depends on age.

In youth, as a rule, people wish to receive much and at once. Accordingly, and expenditure of money for the desires at all almost identical - habitation purchase, formation reception, acquisition of the car and etc. When the person reaches the middle of the life and its many desires are already executed, the recognition of associates (many feel themselves as teachers) is necessary for it. Therefore its forces are directed more on interpersonal mutual relations, than on earning money - considers g - n Sajapin.