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Terrible arithmetics

Public prosecutors have found 123 murders which have been not considered by policemen for half a year

the State Office of Public Prosecutor has revealed serious manipulations with the statistical data from policemen. Basically indicators on the crimes made drunk, by addicts and recidivists were underestimated: in a number of regions the data changed in tens times. Only for past ­ public prosecutors have revealed half a year ­ 123 murders ­ which have been not considered by policemen. Experts explain public prosecutor`s exposures by the rivalry peculiar to relations between power departments­. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs all bring down on eks - minister Rashida Nurgalieva.

the State Office of Public Prosecutor, having received from the beginning of this year from the Ministry of Internal Affairs function of conducting statistics of crimes, for the first time has reported about the received data. According to the first zamgenprokurora Alexander Buksmana, it has appeared that the number of the persons who have committed a crime in an alcohol intoxication, has been underestimated on the country on 17 %, under the influence of drugs - on 9 %, on recurrent crimes - on 6 %.

In a number of regions taking into account crimes in sphere of economy and from a corruption component these divergences reached tens times. “ Jamalo - Nenets district, Karachaevo - Circassian Republic, Sverdlovsk and Belgorod areas " especially sinned; - has specified the first zamgenprokurora.

For frauds with indicators representation from the public prosecutor was received by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev who already has involved with the order more than 60 officials in a disciplinary responsibility (reprimand, incomplete office conformity and so forth) .

But public prosecutor Yury Chajka has considered that the guilty have punished too softly, and has charged to the subordinates to achieve more often excitation of criminal cases. “ public prosecutors are extremely passive concerning concealers of crimes­: on each 1800 encroachments put on the account one criminal case concerning a crime of the official guilty of concealment is necessary only. It is raised only 42 business “ - the head of supervising department has complained.

About ability of statisticans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to influence the data to own advantage it was known for a long time. However for the first time it it is declared at official level. In the State Office of Public Prosecutor the diligence concerning colleagues from the Ministry of Internal Affairs explain that since 2012 public prosecutors with statistics bear equal ­ responsibility for manipulations with falsifiers­.

It is a question of article 316 UK “ In advance not the promised concealment especially grave crimes “ Providing the maximum punishment in the form of imprisonment till two years, is explained by the lawyer of legal group “ Seljutin and partners “ Alexander Seljutin.

“ Article concerns crimes against justice and concerns to podsledstvennosti Investigatory committee. And as there a heap of murders, rapes, the corruption crimes, any reasonable inspector himself will not want to reveal such crimes. If the instructions from above " only arrive; - argues g - n Seljutin.

Experts consider that all business in rivalry peculiar to agents of national security. “ SKR against the State Office of Public Prosecutor, the Ministry of Internal Affairs against FSB, the State Committee for Control Over the Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances at the former head against all - among agents of national security constantly is the friction which are pouring out in mutual recriminations, - the former inspector, the doctor of jurisprudence Andrey Skorobogatov makes comments. - Besides, not to convict now the Ministry of Internal Affairs of frauds with statistics would mean for the State Office of Public Prosecutor a recognition that transfer of function by it on registration of crimes was erroneous “.

For last half-year it has been in addition registered 74,7 thousand crimes, including 123 murders, about thousand cases of causing of heavy harm to health and almost 40 thousand encroachments on the property. Simultaneously with concealment by policemen of crimes in the State Office of Public Prosecutor have fixed also other extreme measure - excitation of criminal cases in the absence of crime signs when the conflict should be settled in grazhdansko - a legal field.

As a whole, on the statistican, for half a year the number of the crimes registered in Russia was reduced to 1 million 168 thousand whereas in the first half of the year 2011 - go them was 1 million 246 thousand The number of the crimes made by organised groups, crimes with a use of weapons has thus grown, the recurrent criminality grows. Every fourth crime is made in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

“ the quantity of those crimes on which the maximum quantity of deliberate concealments is revealed Has grown, - has commented on a source daily in the State Office of Public Prosecutor. - that is it is necessary to speak not about revelry recurrent and the organised crime, and about improvement of fixing of the given kinds of crimes “.

“ the Forged data has for the period “ boards “ in Ministry of Internal Affairs Rashida Nurgalieva which very much loved the figures testifying to decrease of criminality in the country, therefore and practised with might and main “ palochnaja “ the system, - confirms a source daily in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. - New minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, only having come on a post, at once has charged to order system of registration of crimes and to leave from exaggerated indicators. It is assured that in the second half of the year it is necessary to public prosecutors popotet to reveal in the Ministry of Internal Affairs a considerable quantity ukryvatelstv “.

recently adviser Kolokoltseva Vladimir Ovchinsky has complained that for last 12 years the quantity of statements for crimes constantly grew in the country with simultaneous decrease in number of the fixed crimes. “ in 2000 was 13,7 million statements and 3,3 million fixed, and in 2011 - m - 24,5 million statements and less than 2 million registered crimes. It turns out that in this plug of lies 22 million statements of citizens about crimes " hang; - he spoke.