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Russia “ it is shifted “ foreigners

Raise positions in ratings MFTS can by means of foreigners

Ministry of economic development and trade has decided to estimate, how fast Moscow can raise the status as international financial centre (MFTS) and to become attractive to foreign investors. As it became known daily, in September Andrey Belousova`s department intends to declare competition on “ revealing of possibilities “ and working out “ a road map “ for increase of positions of Russia and capital in ratings MFTS. The sum which officials are ready to spend for the given purposes, is not disclosed. However experts estimate similar work in some tens millions roubles.

According to estimations of one of the largest English companies Z/ Yen Croup, in 2012 Moscow has occupied 65 - e a place from 77 cities - the international financial centres. At the same time under plans of the White house as Russia, and capital in particular till 2020 should improve the positions in the basic international ratings. The corresponding spadework is spent both the Moscow authorities, and federal. So, in the autumn the MAYOR intend to declare competition on working out “ a road map “ with the step-by-step plan directed on increase of positions of the country and capital in ratings (daily has familiarised with corresponding documents).

For construction “ cards “ the developer should select the most significant ratings MFTS, find out their structure, analyse the basic indicators applied to an estimation and making maximum impact on positions, to carry out the comparative analysis, MAYOR Rostislav Kokorev tells the deputy director of department of corporate governance. “ it is a lot of ratings, but they are subjective enough. Intelligently to struggle for higher places, it is necessary to spend research work, to reveal separate indicators and to look, what of them are most operated. We want to order high-grade research to any serious adviser. Perhaps, international “ - the official adds.

In most “ to a road map “ the basic directions of perfection of the Russian legislation, pravoprimenenija and the business experts necessary for increase of positions in a rating, in such directions as the financial markets, bank, tax and judicial systems, corporate governance, an investment climate, an infrastructure, innovative development, etc., explains g - n Kokorev should be reflected. In competition how many is estimated, the official has not wanted to tell. By estimations of the analysts, similar research can manage in some tens millions roubles.

the Basic criteria on which basis ratings MFTS are formed, the market transparency, presence of legal base, practice on maintenance of the rights of shareholders, conformity ­ of legislative base of the country to norms of international law, market capacity, liquidity are­. “ in most cases Moscow in similar ratings closes first hundred or is in the second “ - Alexey Kozlov, a leading analyst of department of analytics and risk - management UFS Investment Company speaks.

partly decrease in a position of Moscow in relation to other international financial centres is caused by prompt dynamics of development of cities - competitors, the head of department of coordination of activity of a complex of economic policy and development of Moscow Michael Prjadilnikov explains. According to rating PriceWaterhouseCoopers where Moscow following the results of 2011 has occupied 21 - e a place from 26, the capital concedes to other cities on quality of environment (public health services, safety, quality of institutes). “ For city authorities it is an important indicator. Thus the economic potential of Moscow is estimated by foreign experts as one of the highest “ - adds g - n Prjadilnikov.

According to an analyst “ TKB the Capital “ Sergey Karyhalina, the basic problems of Russia is “ protection of the property rights, corruption, frequent and unpredictable change of the legislation, poorly developed financial system, nizkolikvidnyj stock market “. Its words prove to be true results of one of ratings. So, according to an index of perception of corruption Transparency International, Moscow has occupied 143 - e a place from 183.

“ Investors are afraid of risks on which it is impossible to receive guarantees. Certainly, adoption of law about is state - private partnership would be essential advancement from the point of view of protection of interests of investors “ - the head of practice on granting of services governmental and to public organisations PWC Russia Ekaterina Shapochka adds. As she said, now for Russia those ratings by which investors and world financial community are guided are significant, is The Global Financial Centers Index Z/ Yen, Xinhua - Dow Jones IFC Development Index, The Banker Financial Times newspapers.