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Postmen of the USA remained without money

USPS cannot carry out of the financial obligations

American pochtovo - logistical giant U. S. Postal Service (USPS) cannot get out ­ of crisis in any way­. Past week the post service has not managed to carry out of the obligation on allocation 5,5 mlrd dollars on financing of a pension scheme for the employees. USPS also has warned that cannot register similar payment on 5,6 mlrd dollars and in the end of September.

“ the Default under obligations U. S. Postal Service in relation to the employees and pensioners is a consequence of errors in management of the company throughout decades and the realised unwillingness to notice fundamental changes in the market of post services of the USA “ - the chairman of committee on supervision and the governmental reform of the House of Representatives of the congress republican Darell Issa has declared. USPS, having there are more employees, than any public company of the USA (except for Wal - Mart Stores), has suffered losses at a rate of 3,2 mlrd dollars in the financial quarter which has come to the end on March, 31st. Analysts predict that following the results of current fiscal year (will end on September, 30th) losses will reach 9,1 mlrd dollars (without pension payments on 5,5 mlrd dollars) .

Management USPS has presented to the congress the plan on reforming of department which should help to save by 2015 to 20 mlrd dollars a year (so, for example, it is offered to reduce to 220 thousand workplaces). The American legislators who have already blocked earlier the plan on closing of 12 % of post offices of service, offer other variant: to allow USPS to delay the obligations on pension payments and to make changes to service work, in particular having reduced business hours of post offices.

the Peak of growth of the market of post services in the USA has had for 2006 and since then annually shows decrease on 20 % from - for prompt developments of e-mail and payments. According to data Bloomberg, share USPS in the market of small-sized correspondence has fallen to 14 % in 2011 while at United Parcel Service it made 52 %, and FedEx - 34 %.

“ The American post operator is unprofitable at the expense of reduction of departures of letters by the first class and presence of some unprofitable regional offices. Company problems are caused as delay of rates of increase of consumption in the developed countries, and development of technologies, - group economist UK " considers; finam Management “ Alexander Osin. - it is probable, after November presidential elections of the USA the company, probably, will continue to function, having reduced costs, having met with from the congress approval of expansion of sphere of its business, including within the limits of partnership with private banks in sphere of financial retail service “.

it is interesting that many national post operators face a problem of losses from the network maintenance, including “ Mail of Russia “ at which of 42 thousand branches of 28 thousand - unprofitable rural front - offices. Thus Russian ­ pochtoviki unlike the American colleagues for a long time diversified the activity and render financial and other services. Thanks to it “ Mail of Russia “ the profitable enterprise - since 2009 to it was possible to stabilise the financial position, leaving losses.

However and the Russian mail state support today is required. First of all not so much budget money on modernisation, how many strategic state decisions is necessary to it to untie hands for transformations. Out-of-date form FGUP prevents to work to it in the market conditions, the operating post legislation does not allow to render independently new perspective services, and a duty to render variety of services in tariffs below cost forces to direct incomes on repayment of losses, from - for what at “ Mails of Russia “ there are very few means for investments and increase of salaries to workers. These problems should be solved, if the state wants to receive qualitative and modern mail in Russia.