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Fights without rules and the cook - the murderer

On the championship ending on the mixed martial arts wait for Stephen Sigala

On Saturday in Sochi will pass fights without rules where, by data daily, president Vladimir Putin is invited. Spetsgostem this time there is an American actor Stephen Sigal. Last year waited Jean - Claude Van Damme, but that has withdrawn: in Bangkok in the plane have not started up its doggie.

Final tournament of the first championship of Russia on the mixed martial arts will pass in the Sochi club forma . Burnt down couple of months back night club (it is constructed in the sea in several tens metres from coast) had time to restore.

Organizers of tournament - legendary school Sambo-wrestling - 70 and league S created by it - 70. By tradition (a third year successively) Vladimir Putin is invited to fights. As tournament will pass on Saturday evening, visit of the president if it takes place, will be private.

Spetsgostem, by data daily, becomes this time Stephen Sigal. 61 - the summer actor who has become by the first American, opened aikido school in Japan, already in Moscow. The last two years actor Jean - Claude Van Damme appeared the guest of honour. But from Sochi at it as - that was not took. Two years ago a star of Hollywood has reached and has been stolen on a house celebration by driver Zhorikom. And last year in Bangkok have not started up in the plane its doggie and the actor and has not arrived to Sochi. As Van Damme without the fee worked, press on it could not.

Fights for a rank of the champion will pass in three categories: to 70 kg, to 77 and to 84 kg. Sign fight - in heavy weight. Opening of this championship Adam Haliev will battle to already known Magomedom Magomedkerimovym, organizers have told daily. Haliev became the author of the most beautiful knockout of last year, under the version of Russian fans MMA.

Besides, before Putin and Sigalom the best fighters known all over the world will appear: double winner Gran - at Bellator on the average weight Alexander Shlemenko, eks - the champion of American league Strikeforce, the participant and the winner of such tournaments, as Gladiator Challenge and Elite XC, Anthony Ruiz from California. There will be one more titled sportsman Michael Zajats (the champion of M - 1 Challenge 2008, the champion of Russia on fighting sambo-wrestling, the champion of Russia on hand-to-hand fight, the champion of Europe on dzhiu - dzhitsu) and semifinalist Gran - at Bellator this year Vyacheslav Vasilevsky.