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The government the working group at Ministry of Labor, discussing the project of pension reform can brake pension reform

on August, 1st, has reached a consensus. any of participants has not called into question importance of a memory component - has told vice-president PFR Nikolay Kozlov. Also anybody will not raise pension age, participants of discussion on a round table " ascertained today; Key questions to pension system .

However, g - n Goats has specified: the system of memory insurance all the same needs reforming. Claims to memory pension insurance, as he said, on the one hand that citizens are not involved in managerial process by the pensions . We do not manage to draw their attention - recognised vice-president PFR on a round table in RIA Novosti news agency.

On the other hand, according to Nikolay Kozlova, officials are disturbed also by low efficiency of pension accumulation. since 2004 average profitableness on pension accumulation have made an order of 6 %, - it has cited the data. Is in 1,5 times below a rate of inflation and in 2,5 times more low, than the last indexation of pensions .

Arguments of vice-president PFR were parried by the president of Fund the Center of strategic workings out Michael Dmitrys who has told that as a whole stock market has played above inflation. the saved up profitableness under actions was above inflation, therefore, if to give NPF possibility to put to 50 % of actives in action, it it would suffice to change inflation, - has expressed g - n Dmitriev. - but now instead of recustomizing system, we suggest to behead simply sick of a cold .

He also has informed that in the beginning of July in the government the letter of Ministry of Labor where it was offered to alter pension system completely has arrived. NPF should be liquidated, as only the commercial organisations can be engaged in management of pension money, - has told g - n Dmitrys. - also it is offered to liquidate the personified account, and instead there will be a system of the factors, which officials PFR will establish .

Yes, matter is not in inefficiency UK or NPF, - vice-president PFR has decided to go on world. - Not in bad control over them. Simply to be put there is nothing. Special art to place in banks money it is not required, we consider that under any conditions and control NPF it is necessary to resolve direct investments that will allow to raise profitableness of investments .

the Offer of the official has not caused in experts of special delight. We already have not so successful examples is state - private partnership, - the head of Expert economic group Evsej Gurvich has expressed. - and here present that we invest pension money in the Olympic Games in Sochi. There from the beginning of building the project has risen in price four times. In this situation investments NPF will have not so big profitableness .

After criticism it is state - private partnership the expert has decided to fall and on offers of officials to replace system of obligatory pension insurance with voluntary corporate systems. voluntary insurance also assumes investment of money, - Evsej Gurvich has informed. - why the government thinks, what at voluntary insurance there will be above a profitableness? Logicians here I do not see .

As voluntary pension systems will develop, Nikolay Kozlov has explained. There is an idea to establish additional payments for the citizens which earnings in 2,5 times above an average, - have told it. - tax preferences which will involve citizens and employers in voluntary pension systems " also are considered;.

Discussion was finished by Michael Dmitrys whom it is unexpected for the gathered has informed that on August, 2nd at meeting at Elvira Nabiulinoj where representatives PFR, the Ministry of Finance participated, the MAYOR, FSFR and a number of independent experts, the opinion that " has been expressed; it is undesirable to government to accept the final decision on pension reform in September, and it is necessary to make only offers which then should be discussed publicly . Besides, as the expert has told, at meeting opinions that is necessary that citizens had time to discuss and express the relation to pension reform were expressed, therefore to begin transformations since 2013 is inexpedient.

I in the government know nothing about change of moods, - Nikolay Kozlov has evaded from the comment. - there are discussions and while there is nothing to discuss here . As a consolation gathered he has informed that in the near future nobody is going to raise pension age. we at all did not consider effect from it - he has told.