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Rusal has struck a current

Oleg Deripaska`s Holding again complains of expensive electricity

the notorious affair from Theological thermal power station as UC Rusal Oleg Deripaska has complained of the overestimated tariffs for the electric power for Nadvoitsky aluminium factory (NAZ) in Kareliya has not had time to calm down. The aluminium holding hints at a possible stop of manufacture. Vladimir Putin`s intervention yet was not required, but the conflict has already reached level of the head of republic of Alexander Hudilajnena.

One of these days NAZ (enters in Rusal) in the name of the trade union has addressed with the letter to the head of Republic Kareliya Aleksandru Hudilajnenu with the request to interfere with a situation with growth of tariffs for the electric power. In administration of the head of republic daily have confirmed that reference NAZa has arrived on consideration.

Since 2007 the average price of the electric power for NAZa has grown almost three times and has exceeded a threshold of competitiveness of the aluminium industry, therefore the further existence of it gradoobrazujushchego the enterprises under the threat, representatives of factory have complained. And with TGK - 1 (the manufacturer elektro - and thermal energy) at NAZa the direct contract of purchase and sale which suits the company. A problem in the tariff for electric power transfer: since 2009 he for NAZa has grown more than twice and now makes 40 % of the final price of energy. Besides, it exceeds tariffs for transfer on the Uniform national (all-Russian) electric network, complains Rusal.

NAZ it is connected to networks of MRSK Severo - the West, however the establishment of tariffs for transfer is in conducting the State committee of Republic Kareliya at the prices and tariffs. Management Rusal and NAZa tried to solve a question at level of the government of republic, but is ineffectual: The region does not have means for enterprise support, is told in letter NAZa g - well to Hudilajnenu.

Thus the factory and without that is unprofitable. Level of loading of capacities makes about 60 %, is high-grade the modernised foundry branch works only. the part of capacities NAZa has been preserved in 2008-2009, but now a situation really very difficult, despite the spent modernisation. The price for metal appears essentially more low its cost prices, therefore we are compelled to reduce volumes of output of primary aluminium - have commented yesterday in Rusal.

the situation in the aluminium market the extremely difficult, - agrees Elena Yushkov from IFK Solid . - the Current price for aluminium at the London stock exchange of metals almost on 25 % below its average on cost price branch . Many world manufacturers of aluminium prepare for reduction of capacities. but hardly Rusal will allow to close gradoobrazujushchee the enterprise. Most likely, NAZ will obtain from the state credits and tax privileges that will allow to hold on until then when the prices for aluminium will grow - the expert argues.

Rusal not for the first time addresses for the help to the authorities. Problems of the enterprises of Oleg Deripaska even should be solved personally to Vladimir Putin. The first time, when in 2009 under its instructions the Base element g - on Deripaska has signed the agreement with Fosagro about deliveries nefelinovogo a concentrate in Pikalevo, and the second time - recently, during time of history from Theological thermal power station. This conflict has inflamed to the end of last year when Rusal has declared possibility of a stop of Theological aluminium factory which became unprofitable from - for the high prices for the electric power and warmly with this thermal power station.