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How to estimate success of the Olympic building

Each large action begins the driver of new scale building of objects of an infrastructure, inhabited, sports and commercial. The Olympic games is a special event in which frameworks the whole areas are created, and sometimes and cities are reconstructed. A question in that, new objects are how much correctly entered in the existing environment? Whether they can to live in a city after Olympic Games carrying out?

In Beijing, capital of summer Olympic games of 2008, since 2001 the huge building which has included creation of a transport infrastructure, inhabited and sports objects has been developed. Investment cost of this project has made nearby 41 mlrd dollars Similar stimulus to development Sydney, Barcelona and Athenes where new city communications have been erected, have received roads, a network of public transport, hotel, and in capital of Greece even the new airport has been specially constructed.

Nevertheless any of these scale projects has not led to creation of a new, high-grade part of a city. And in certain cases large sports objects and could not be entered in the city environment - they simply have not been claimed in cities which out of the period of carrying out of the Olympic Games not too support sports.

There is a reasonable question: whether the same picture in London, capital of summer Olympic games of 2012 is observed now? What waits the British capital? From the point of view of an infrastructure London was ready to the Olympic games, expansion of railway system DLR (the Doklendsky easy underground) and modernisation of line East London was required only. As a whole the area Stratford in which the Olympic park settles down, has already been well developed: here including there were two stations - Stratford Regional and Stratford International. The developed infrastructural network connects Stratford with all disctricts of the city and allows to reach within 25 minutes 75 % of the basic transport knots of a city, and to station Kings Cross - for seven minutes.

Considering potential of London to expansion, such sated infrastructure looks more than impressively. And in this list we yet have not considered a highway, a network of ground transport and that is more important, an aircraft service.

Trading - the entertaining component in Stratford is presented today one of the largest TRTS in Europe - Westfield. The project of this well-known shopping centre has arisen still before London has been chosen by the capital of the Olympic games, and the decision on its building was based exclusively on growing number of the population of a city and its consumer ability.

Thus, Stratford without thinking about the Olympic games and contrary to the arrangement in one of the poorest parts of the British capital turned to the huge, developed area. Its conclusive advantage is already mentioned developed infrastructure thanks to which inhabitants of Stratford can reach the cores business klasterov, that is to the workplaces.

It is not necessary to forget that London is also heart of one of the most sports nations of the world so, the Olympic objects and after carrying out of Games will not be empty. Works OPLC (Olympic Park Legacy Company) on preparation of capital of Great Britain for the Olympic Games have been spent most produmanno and carefully in comparison with other Olympic capitals therefore by the time of Games all objects have been filled by tenants and end users. Among such objects - a press - the Stadium centre, pool Olympics Aquatic Center, multipurpose stadium and 115 - metre tower ArcelorMittal Orbit.

Besides it OPLC has already found the partner - the developer for building of the first phase of a housing project within the limits of development of it Olympic area. The Olympic park will change representation about this part of London and will generate here prestigious area for family residing with perfectly developed entertaining infrastructure.

Last moment is key for success Olympic developmenta in London. Till now in East part of a city the big means for habitation building, namely vysokovostrebovannyh one - and double apartments were invested. But the constructed residential areas do not have no social infrastructure: schools, hospitals and entertaining objects - all it has been provided by the project of development of London as the capitals of the Olympic games.

the Basic indicator of success of preparation of a city to the Olympic Games is that, how much successfully new sports, infrastructural, social and other objects are entered in the existing environment, whether they are combined with a live organism of a city. The city is a uniform space which lives under the laws and should be convenient for all inhabitants to the Olympic Games, during it and - the main thing - after end of Games. Only after the Olympic objects will get accustomed to a city and will grow roots its population, on the organisation of the Olympic games in a city it is possible to consider the project finished.

Katie Kopek, the director of department of consulting of developer projects of company Jones Lang LaSalle, Great Britain