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David Blatta`s command still had a step to medals

Russian national team on basketball for the first time there was in a semi-final on the Olympic Games

For the first time in history a man`s Russian national team on basketball left in the Olympic Games semi-final. In uneasy developing match our command has won against Lithuania with the account 83:74, now to medals it needs to take only one step.

In plej - off Russian national team left from the first place­. At a group stage Russians have lost only one match, against modular Australia, but that meeting already solved nothing. Without dependence from its result Russians would win group B, and that defeat about what did not speak - Russians simply saved forces. The match against Spanish national team, the strongest European national team was much more indicative. As a matter of fact, Spain is considered the main competitor American Dream Team on the Olympic Games, Spaniards on last Games became silver prize-winners, it is not enough in the ending having conceded to Americans. Our command has won a magnificent and labour victory over leaders, losing on a match course - 18! And already during this moment it became clear that Russian national team on these Olympic Games will go far.

Now when it is already known how developed chetvertfinalnyj a match Russia - Lithuania, apparently, the victory was gave easily enough. What is the basketball players have grasped leadership since first minute and did not lose it to the end. But on a course of a meeting the nervous tension did not release for a second, there was a fear that the Russian national team here - here will break under the impact of Lithuanians and again will not get to a semi-final.

our command has won the First quarter with the account 17:10 and by that has created so necessary separation. Perhaps, these ten minutes became one of key in a match. Further game has gone, as on a swing: it was necessary to Lithuanians hardly to reduce a separation as Russians there and then got down to business and again restored a difference in the account. The piece in the third quarter when we managed to come off on 14 points became very indicative and at once to lose this advantage, having allowed Lithuanians to reduce backlog to four points.

Though we conducted in the account throughout all match, the destiny of a quarterfinal has dared only in last quarter of game. On its first seconds Lithuanians have reduced backlog to one point, 54:53, and it was necessary to hear, how the Lithuanian fans have sent on errands the forward. But drive do not drive, whistle do not whistle, and if Monja and Hrjapa get “ trehochkovye “ and Kirilenko hammers in all penal how here it is possible to win? In Russian national team only the Swede not so successfully played, all the others were almost faultless.

Still for 30 about up to the end advantage of Russian national team made only five points. But Lithuanians very much were nervous, and our command so important 30 with has spent these extremely sobranno. Twice Russians were exact at execution penal, well and the ball which has removed all questions on the winner, by tradition Vitaly Fridzon has thrown. Russia has won, for the first time in history having got to the four of the strongest teams on the Olympic games.