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Prokhorov: For increase of culture of fans system work

For increase of culture of behaviour on sports objects is necessary it is necessary to spend system work with fans. Such opinion on air of radio station Echo Moscow the owner of the team of NBA " has stated; Brooklyn Nets and eks - the candidate for presidents Michael Prokhorov. As he said, punishment and system should coincide.

Yes, there was a misfortune to the goalkeeper the Dynamo SHuninym. We immediately try, without having understood, to toughen rules against fans. It and so now is unsweetened is. Try to come on stadium — there such check goes. And a question not only in check, but also in respect of culture. It is necessary to work with fan community, first of all in culture questions — transfers Michael Prokhorov`s words from a program aether the Sports channel agency R - Sports . Thus g - n Prokhorov has suggested to remember, how English fans 20 years ago behaved. there there was a same history. But system struggle for level of their consciousness has allowed to solve a problem — he has added.

otherwise that will occur? At us now will enter a criminal liability for a petard at stadium, and in the underground to blow up — you will receive the penalty — Michael Prokhorov has told, having noticed that double standards and hasty decisions will not result in any result. and our concrete citizen at stadium will suffer. I for the quiet, reasonable decision where punishment and system should coincide. People should understand that punishment is fair — he has noted.

on November, 17th a match the Dynamo — Zenith in Himkah situated near Moscow has been ahead of schedule stopped from - for throwings in the field of petards from sector of the invited fans. The petard has blown up directly underfoot the goalkeeper it is white - blue Anton Shunina. The decision on a match of two commands, predictably, will be accepted at meeting kontrolno - disciplinary committee of the Russian football union on Thursday.

Speaking about itself, g - n Prokhorov also admitted that is proud of that it became the first Russian businessman who has bought club of NBA. I owned of more than ten years basketball club of CSKA, and all of us that is possible, have won. Many times played the ending, two times have won Euroleague. During any moment you start to understand that you rest against a wall. And where the most competitive market? It is NBA. And started up nobody never on this market. And I am proud that I the first foreigner and the representative of Russia who could get to the most competitive league of the world — he has told.