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Evgenie Rojzman denies traces of a beating on a body of the patient Cities without drugs

On a body of the patient of fund the City without drugs Tatyanas Kazantsevoj were not traces of a beating and handcuffs as confirmed Investigatory committee. With such statement the chairman of fund Evgenie Rojzman has acted. As he said, earlier Tatyana Kazantsev was examined by 18 doctors and anybody from them has not found out bruises.

on November, 21st the Investigatory committee has informed that forensic scientists have found out plural bruises on Tatyana Kazantsevoj`s body. Under the version of the investigation, medical aid in fund " has been out of time rendered it; the City without drugs where the addict passed rehabilitation. On it to RIA Novosti news agency was informed by representative SUSK on Sverdlovsk area Alexander Shulga.

In turn, the head of fund Evgenie Rojzman in the blog in Livejournal asserts that Tatyana Kazantsev has died of a meningitis and during lifetime a beating has not found out neither doctors, nor her parents, the invited experts. within long hours, stage by stage, heard everyone who examined and conducted Tanju. Everything, once again — ALL doctors have confirmed that on a body of Tani of a beating was not! — he declares.

According to Evgenie Rojzmana if bruises and traces from handcuffs have been found results of examination would publish still 3,5 months ago. But it does not suit Office of Public Prosecutor and a consequence, the chairman of fund speaks.

G - n Rojzman is convinced that the Investigatory committee has addressed again to this business to distract attention from words reabilitanta Cities without drugs Igor Shabalin accused of illegal imprisonment of six women. In court g - n Shabalin has declared that local authorities want to disorganise City without drugs . The man has told to court that evidences against the vice-president of fund " have forced to give it; Cities without drugs Evgenie Malenkina who has been accused under the same article, as Igor Shabalin, and is now put on the wanted list.

Tatyana Kazantsevoj`s Death became an occasion to steadfast attention of Office of Public Prosecutor, regional GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and Investigatory committee to fund the City without drugs . After that in the rehabilitation centres checks in which result have raised three criminal cases have begun. Evgenie Rojzman considers that checks — it is revenge for criticism of law enforcement bodies.