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Monopoly will move

NOVATEK and Pechora SPG independent manufacturers of gas can soon acquire the right of export SPG

can Shortly press monopoly Gazprom not only in home market, but also on the external. Ministry for the Power Generating Industry has heard request NOVATEKa and already till the end of the year will make offers in the government concerning export szhizhennogo gas. Analysts doubt that they will be approved in the highest authorities, for the export right Gazprom will fight to the last.

the Department of Energy considers conclusion possibility szhizhennogo natural gas (SPG) from - under law actions About export of gaz about what in a forum lobby Gas of Russia the head of department Alexander Novak has told to journalists. As he said, corresponding offers can be brought in the government till the end of December. G - n Novak has noticed that theoretically a conclusion of export SPG from - under law actions About export of gaz it is possible, but still it is necessary to work variants as it can be made.

According to the current legislation, the monopoly on export of gaz belongs to Gazprom and it 100 - to percentage affiliated societies. On Monday president Vladimir Putin during a working meeting with head NOVATEKa Leonid Mihelsonom recommended to agree about sale SPG from Yamal in foreign markets with Gazprom .

Except Gazprom projects on manufacture SPG realise NOVATEK and French Total ( Yamal SPG ) and a group of companies Alltek ( Pechora SPG ) . Partners on Yamal SPG plan to involve in the project to 20 mlrd dollars One month ago one of the largest shareholders from the Russian side Gennady Timchenko complained in interview Forbes that financing reception is complicated from - for positions of a monopolist. The businessman asserted that Gazprom export has not signed any contract with consumers on deliveries of gas with Yamal SPG also does not give any guarantees.

Realization of another large SPG - the project in Russia — Pechora SPG also it is tightened not because of shareholders. The president of a group of companies Alltek Dmitry Bosov in September said to journalists that from - for absence of arrangements with Gazprom including concerning an infrastructure, factory SPG start-up in NAO has been postponed with 2015 for 2018.

that NOVATEK intend to achieve the right of direct export of gaz and carries on corresponding negotiations with the government, the financial director of the company Mark Dzhetvej spoke in May, 2012. As possible variants of an exit on the European market besides direct export were called agency agreements with Gazprom export and trejderskie deliveries.

That to pave the way for direct deliveries, in August NOVATEK has concluded the ten years` contract with German EnBW on delivery 2 mlrd cubic m of gas, and in October declared the contract on 1 million sale t oil products to Brazil — companies Braskem. The company has refused additional comments.

the President of consulting company East European Gas Analysis Michael Korchemkin doubts that Ministry for the Power Generating Industry offer will be approved by the government. Judging by results of a meeting of Vladimir Putin and general director NOVATEKa Leonid Mihelsona, the president of the country sees the future of export SPG only within the limits of contracts Gazprom — it is assured g - n Korchemkin. With the colleague analyst Sberbank Investment Research Valery Nesterov agrees also. Gazprom now in a difficult situation also will defend the monopoly to the last as it gives the companies competitive advantage, the expert has noted.

the gas Problem for today costs so sharply that creation of export capacities now is necessary especially from the point of view of SPG, analyst Bank of America Merrill Lynch parries Karen Kostonjan. In its opinion, the situation has now developed so that Europe takes, and China — does not want therefore for effective export the government should give possibility of direct deliveries to manufacturers SPG.