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“ Itera “ the Company has said goodbye to oil

will sell the last oil projects of the multinational corporation - BP

having transferred the gas assets in the joint venture with “ Rosneft “ the company “ Itera “ leaves and oil business. Yesterday it became known that the multinational corporation - BP will receive Tverdilovsky and Pogromnensky ­ deposits (Orenburg region) of the independent manufacturer. Anyhow, all business “ Itera “ will concentrate in “ Rosneft “ which becomes in the near future the full owner of the multinational corporation - VR.

“ Itera “ will sell the oil actives of the multinational corporation - BP, the Prime reports referring to the general director of the company Vladimir Makeeva. “ We in the transaction. To finish we hope till the end of November. A detail while I can not open “ — has informed g - n Makeev at a forum “ Gas of Russia “. The representative “ Itera “ Has noticed daily that it is a question of Tverdilovsky and Pogromnensky deposits in Orenburzhye. The sum of transaction is not disclosed. According to the source daily, close to a course of the negotiations, all formalities with Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) are already settled. In the multinational corporation - BP have refused comments.

Tverdilovsky and Pogromnensky ­ deposits — last oil actives “ Itera “. In 2008 she has decided to concentrate on development of gas business. But then to find the buyer on the Orenburg sites it was not possible, and three actives in Hunts - Mansijsky joint-stock company have been sold RusPetro.

in the Spring of this year it became known ­ that the multinational corporation - VR carries on negotiations with “ Itera “ about purchase “ daughters “ the gas company “ Jupiter - And “ which owns the licence for oil recovery and passing oil gas (PNG) on the Tverdilovsky deposit. In May the transaction has met with approval FAS. Taken stocks of a deposit are estimated in 4,5 million t oil and about 600 million in cubic m PNG, the licence operates till the end of 2037. Stocks of the Pogromnensky ­ deposit of area make 3,5 million t oil.

Earlier “ Itera “ considered the multinational corporation - BP as the possible strategic partner. Russian - the British company planned to get 50 % in “ to Itera “ however negotiations have ended with nothing. In February, 2012 “ Itera “ has agreed about strategic partnership with “ Rosneft “ within the limits of joint venture­. The state company will receive in it of 51 %. The gas company will bring in the share joint venture in “ Uralsevergaze “ (67 %), and also in “ Purgaze “ (49 %) and “ Sibneftegaze “ (49 %) in which it works with “ Gazprom “ and NOVATEKom accordingly. “ Rosneft “ Kynsko - will share Chaselsky group of gas deposits and other gas actives. The parties plan that the new enterprise becomes the operator of extraction and realisation of gas of both companies.

the Source daily, close to “ to Itera “ has noticed that “ Rosneft “ did not apply for oil projects “ Itera “. “ Tverdilovsky and Pogromnensky ­ deposits never were in a transaction contour (“ Itera “ with “ Rosneft “. — daily) “ — he has told.

Nevertheless the state company as a result all the same will receive these actives as now carries on negotiations for multinational corporation purchase - VR. As a result “ Itera “ remains in the Russian market more likely as a brand, analyst Raiffeisenbank Andrey Polischuk has told. The leading part in the joint venture will play “ Rosneft “ which has state support and can simplify ­ access “ Itera “ to end users ­ and in pipeline system “ Gazprom “. By its estimation, cost of oil actives “ Itera “ Analyst NOMOS will make about 40 million dollars - bank Denis Borisov estimates sites in 100 million dollars

the multinational corporation - BP already has actives in the Orenburg region. Its extraction “ daughters “ — “ Orenburgnefti “ last year has made 19,9 million t.