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Wires for trillion

the project of the first power bridge from Siberia Is presented to the centre of Russia

Power have executed Vladimir Putin`s wish and have prepared the project on delivery of cheap Siberian energy in the European part of the country. Cost of its realisation is estimated more than in 1 trln rbl. Experts though name the project important and effective, but do not trust in its realisation in present realities of the market.

Vladimir Putin has sounded Idea of creation of a power corridor at business summit ATES. We, developing power in the Far East, we will connect it infrastrukturno to the European part so that it was easy to us to throw necessary streams of raw materials and the electric power from one part of the country in another and it is easy to leave both on the markets of the European countries, and on markets ATR — the head of the state in September has declared.

According to presentation of the project of the power bridge which has taken place yesterday at III Siberian power forum, project cost in look-ahead figures 2022 will make nearby 1,18 trln rbl. Is planned that from the budget will be spent 271,3 million rbl., and 909,8 million rbl. is necessary on private investors, in which number E. IT Russia OGK - 2, Yenisei TGK - 13, SUEK - Krasnoyarsk FSK the EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY, etc. Creation of the power bridge (protjazhka a high-voltage line) which in the prices of 2010 has made more than 154 mlrd rbl., by rough calculations, by the time of realisation will grow to 200 mlrd the rbl. is planned to start design works in 2013, and to begin building — in 2017. The general extent of the bridge can make more than 3,5 thousand in km. If the project is realised on an alternating current pressure in a line will make 1150 kv, on constant — 1500 sq.

Economic development of the country, authors of the project, " confirm; demands other condition of electric power industry while today`s, with worn out on 60 — 70 % funds, does not correspond to requirements of national safety . By 2030 the predicted requirement for the established capacity will make nearby 62 GVt. At the same time in Siberia now there are basic capacities of cheap hydrogeneration, and after start on a total power of Boguchansky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION the region will be energoizbytochen. Current transfer on the power bridge in the European part of the country will allow to save nearby 1 trln rbl., including at the expense of refusal of input of additional capacities for satisfaction of a growing demand. Besides, transfer 5,2 GVt capacities from an electric power pool (OES) Siberia on the power bridge will allow to liberate additional export volumes of gas (203 mlrd cubic m for the sum 2,4 mlrd rbl.) And to involve additional volumes of coal demand on which is absent now (632 million t for the sum 474 mlrd rbl.) .

Painting advantages of the project, its authors told about prospects of investment more than 337 mlrd rbl. in electric power industry of Siberia, a covering of a growing demand for the electric power in OES the Center and OES Ural Mountains (182 GVt by 2030), decrease in the cost price of delivery of the electric power in the European part of Russia on 25 %, and the main thing — increases of competitiveness of the Russian industry.

FSK participated in discussion of idea of creation of the power bridge and does not see any problems in its realisation — the first deputy of chairman of the board FSK has told daily the Novel Berdnikov. As he said, it is necessary to make the FEASIBILITY REPORT and technical calculations correctly. As an example it has resulted China where already there is a similar project on delivery of a direct current from HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION Three gorges in the extent of 1907 km.

Analysts remind that the power bridge project repeats the Soviet idea of 1987 of power development of Siberia and transfer to the western part of Russia of the electric power. besides direct effect on reduction of prices at the expense of cheaper electric power from Siberia it allowed to solve and more challenges. For example, because the power supply system is in several time zones, to organise overflows, combining loading peaks — Natalia Porohova has explained the main expert of Gazprombank.

the Director of Fund of power development Sergey Pikin doubts possibility of realisation of idea. For power bridge work, he is convinced, it is necessary to solve at first a number of key questions besides change of a market model and definition of the mechanism of financing of the project. we have a fine scientific base, but, unfortunately, there is no modern equipment which works, is made and on sale in industrial scale. There are separate elements, probably, but the complete technical decision for realisation of the project at us, still where - that in the world while is not present. The maximum that builds FSK, is substation on pressure 750 kv, and here 1150 kv — the expert has concluded.

the Analyst TKB BNP Pariba Investment cop Partners Ruslan Muchipov does not see a severe need in realisation of the project of the power bridge Siberia — Ural Mountains — the Center . During five - ten years in the European part of Russia and in Ural Mountains we can see the superfluous offer of gas, — he confirms. — the XIX-th century can become the gas Golden Age in sense of its wide availability thanks to technological revolutions, like slate in the USA. Herein there is a question, what for to our country to liberate additional export volumes of gas and to involve additional volumes of coal demand on which is absent now ?