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The hybrid for slippery roads

Toyota is done Prius all-wheel drive

by Toyota Company is going to let out on the global market model Prius with a full drive. The car will receive the additional electromotor on a back axis and almost on 25 % becomes more economic than the predecessor.

the New generation of Toyota Prius promises many innovations for buyers. So, the hybrid should get rid of the firm design and becomes brighter and in any measure even sports. Outwardly the car will lose old kaplevidnost and will be similar to low planted crossover. Besides, the new body will receive more legkosplavnyh elements thanks to what its weight will decrease on 70 kg.

the Technical stuffing of the car too will change. Various types of a hybrid drive and different transmissions are accessible to Toyota Prius. The cheapest version of model will be limited old nickel - metal - gidridnymi to the accumulators intended for work exclusively in the closed electropower system of the car. Such Prius it is impossible to connect to the electric system, as a result arising deficiency of gymnastics of its batteries is compensated, as before, only at the expense of work of the petrol unit.

For those to whom the low exhaust is important absolutely, are intended lithium - ionic accumulators. They are accessible to version Plug - in Prius and are capable to be recharged from the household electric system. Accumulators have the raised capacity that at full gymnastics allows to lower fuel consumption in comparison with existing generation of Toyota Prius almost on 25 %.

On new Prius there will be all the same 1,8 - the litre atmospheric motor, but passed through modernisation. So, in the power unit the cycle of Atkinsona is recustomized. The peak of characteristics at the engine has moved to higher range of turns. Thereby on low turns and idling the motor consumes fuel even less, than before. The lack of the moment and capacity is compensated for the account of the electromotor having the maximum moment at once from zero of turns. As a whole fuel consumption on Toyota Prius will decrease about 3,9 l declared before to 3,1 l/ 100 km in the mixed cycle, and emissions of carbonic gas in atmosphere will decrease to 70 g/ km.

On Toyota Prius it should be put and all-wheel drive transmission e - 4WD. Its design is very simple: on a back axis the additional electric motor which tightens up from time to time back ­ wheels is established­. Its synchronisation with a forward ­ axis will be carried out exclusively at the expense of electronics. Has appeared at such transmission and “ off-road “ the mode simulating blocking of differential, but works it only for the speed to 60 km/ ch. As it is declared, Toyota Prius with a full drive intends for territories, where many slippery twisting roads.

Start of manufacture of Toyota Prius of new generation is planned for second half of 2014.