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The artificial dog nose will find out an explosive

the gauge simulating work of receptors of sense of smell of a guard dog

the American engineers Is developed have developed the portable gauge which will simulate the biological mechanism of perception of smells a dog and by that effectively to find out molecules of explosives. Experts took the dog system of sense of smell as it is considered the best for revealing of these types of molecules for a basis.

the Exact device, according to the developers, not having analogues, has been created by scientists from the Californian university in Santa - Barbara. The detector uses microfluid nanotehnologii for imitation of work of the dog receptors of a smell. The device is very sensitive to certain type of molecules of chemical substances.

Dogs on - former are the best when it is a question of explosive detection. But the dog, as well as the person, can be ill or tired. We have developed the device with same or even higher sensitivity, as a nose of a dog — one of inventors professor Charles Meinhart confirms.

the Detector consists of two parts. In it there is a microchannel which experts use for catching of molecules and their delivery in other part of the device. In the second part is mini - a spectrometer on the basis of the laser, identifying dangerous substances and handing over this information in the computer. The technology can be used for detection of the most various substances.

the Gauge can find out even insignificant quantity of substance which does not exceed one part on billion. It can be used for detection of explosives with exact definition of concrete molecules. Besides, it can analyse human breath and reveal disease at very early stages — The professor of the Californian university in Santa - Barbara Martin Moskovits has told daily.

the Executive secretary of the Nanotehnologichesky society of Russia Denis Andrejuk says that at the heart of the device two technologies &mdash lie; mikrofljuidika and technology of recognition of one molecule: In both spheres there are big operating time. I think that the same devices have already been made in several laboratories, is simple about it yet was not informed. mikrofljuidika — it is technology of processing of silicon to analyse small amounts of any substance on purpose. If to speak about, how to find out individual molecules here the science while is at a research stage. There are some various technologies. Scientists from the Californian university used the laser. If particles to irradiate with the laser, they give a certain signal and as a result on a spectrum it is possible to identify this or that molecule. Problem in that a signal weak and a spectrum from one molecule to receive very difficult. Still ten years ago this problem would be unsoluble. And now scientists have found out that if the molecule gets on silver or gold nanochastitsu its signal becomes stronger in ten thousand times and even the individual molecule can be distinguished .

According to the head of the company Youth scientifically - the technical centre Alexander Olikevicha, the technology is perspective, however at use of the device catching molecules of substances, it is necessary to think up even a way as from them to clear this gauge that results of the subsequent researches were not deformed.