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Experts: Taxes in Russia - one of the highest in the world

the Cumulative tax rate in our country makes 54 %. It almost on 12 % above, than in the European Union. To such conclusions experts of company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) have come, having combined three effective rates — the profit tax, the tax to the salary and other taxes .

we Will notice that in other countries BRICK the cumulative rate still above, for example in China — almost 64 %. But there are countries where to do business much more favourably. For example, in Kazakhstan the average tax rate of only 29 %, and economy of this country shows good growth.

It is remarkable that in a rating of World bank Doing Business Russia this year has shown excellent result in a category Payment of taxes . For a year the country has flied up at once on 41 point and has moved with 105 - go on 64 - e a place. That is taxes to pay it became easier, but it is less they, alas, did not become.

the President of fund Business prospect Krylov`s Dyne makes comments on air City - FM results of research PwC:

to Collect taxes in Russia more - have less learnt. It is necessary to tell that taxes gather extremely badly in many European Union countries, first of all in Greece. It is one of principal causes why Greece has appeared in such situation, thus that there all country is engaged in business. There all grow up olives or do still something, and taxes cannot normally collect. A bad situation with taxation in Italy. A bad collecting of taxes in general one of the basic problems at the countries which now are in crisis.

At us the collecting of taxes is better even among the developed countries but how much this system promotes investment appeal, a good enterprise climate, economy growth — it absolutely other question. It is possible to collect taxes very well at very small volume of economy, hardly these can be consoled.

it is absolutely obvious that some taxes function inefficiently. For example, increase of the uniform social tax has led to absolutely opposite results. It have raised with 26 to 34 % then its collecting has sharply fallen. Business began to fade into the background. The part of salaries is paid bypassing taxes. The collecting not only under this tax falls, automatically behind itself(himself) it pulls and NDFL .