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Zenith has left on retraining

Yesterday Zenith has gone on the first early gathering to the United Arab Emirates where will train and will take part in tournament Matchworld Cap. Luchano Spalletti, the head coach of a command, took on gathering some young players, but basically the structure of champions of Russia for a winter has not changed. Also it is the main sensation of inter-season period.
we will remind that last year the Petersburg club almost did not spend means for acquisition of players. In the summer structure Zenith the player of Italian national team of Domeniko Krishito has filled up only, whose acquisition recognised as good luck. There was an attempt also to adapt for Petersburg football soil of the young player from Chile Nicolas Penjaililo, but it has not approached on professional qualities. Besides, as tell, it had a strange character trait: often cried in a locker room occasionally both defeats, and victories of a reserve command (basic Penjaililo has not reached).

As a result loading in all tournaments has dropped out on already habitual line-up which since summer of 2010 did not change. Then last mass purchase has been made: a command defenders Alexander Lukovich have filled up, Brunu Alvesh, halfback Sergey Semak and forward Alexander Buharov. Not all beginners, it is necessary to tell, in Zenith have opened the talent, but all have anyhow benefited.

despite modest behaviour in the transfer market, Zenith has successfully spent 2011, having won the Supercup of Russia and having finished national championship on the first line (in six points from the nearest persecutor of CSKA). The main achievement - an exit in plej - off Leagues of champions that the Petersburg command has achieved for the first time in history.

in the winter all waited for transfers but while all is limited to conversations that purchases will be . It was declared, in particular, by the general director Zenith Maxim Mitrofanov. Heads of club, however, and promised to strengthen earlier structure, but fulfilled these promises not always.

Prospects of acquisitions Zenith directly are co-ordinated to a question on, whether will prolong the contract with club trainer Luchano Spalletti. The operating contract of the Italian trainer expires in the end of 2012, but to be defined to a management Zenith it is necessary now to invite players including under Spalletti . Under data the new contract of the trainer is already ready also its signing - a near future question. Desire to continue cooperation with Zenith at Spalletti is. To it as heads of club admit, transfer questions are entrusted also. Any purchase is made only with the consent of the head coach. However, purchases while are not present.

Structure Zenith Has filled up only 17 - summer goalkeeper Artem Leonov who acted before in the second battalion for a command from Tolyatti. This acquisition is obvious on prospect, as at Zenith there are three goalkeepers: Vyacheslav Malafeev, Yury Zhevnov and Dmitry Borodin. Also with a command on gathering players of a reserve command Dmitry Telegin and Denis Terentyev have gone. They should prove the right to put on a T-shirt Zenith in matches of the basic command or at least to get to the report. As well as to forward Maxim Kanunnikovu, the pupil of the Petersburg football, which last year has spent as rent in Tom` .

Behind a board Zenith there was halfback Alexey Ionov - he has concluded the three-year contract with Krasnodar Kuban . We will remind that last year Ions has scored a victorious goal Zenith in a match for the Supercup from CSKA, it was caused in Russian national team, but then Has gone to a rating : has been detained by patrol for car driving in a state of intoxication. He lived the rest of a season on base Zenith - such punishment to it have taken out in club.

in Dubai the command of Spalletti will take part in early tournament where besides it seven more clubs, including " will play; Rostov and Donetsk the Miner . In group sine - it is white - blue will argue for an exit in the ending with Uzbek Bunedkorom (on January, 18th) and an Olympic team of Iraq (on January, 20th).

the First official match of a season zenitovtsy will spend on Petrovsky on February, 15th against Lisbon the Benfika in 1/ 8 endings of League of champions.