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It is impossible to write under each problem new “ a road map “

Interview to the director of a direction “ New business “ ASYAS, the chairman “ Club of leaders “ as Artemom Avetisjanom

In Agency of strategic initiatives (ASYA) recognise that else one year ago the society perceived their ideas with “ road maps “ as the next possibility to put a ­ tick in a track record. Now the situation has changed, the director of a direction " confirms; New business “ ASYAS, the chairman “ Club of leaders “ ARTEM AVETISJAN: officials are already reconstructed under “ road maps “ and in regions new perspective projects are started.

— Artem Davidovich, initially ASYAS was planned as a certain binding platform between business and the power. One year ago you complained that many businessmen do not know, what measures of support are given by the state­. Whether something has changed in this time?

— I will not hide, the problem still remains. Though governors from country leaders giving began to concern more attentively business. But there are also improbable situations when the businessman from one region addresses to us for the help and from us learns that it of all - that should pass pair of kilometres to an office building in the city and to solve a question.

— you, as far as we know­, besides ASYA are included into supervisory board Rosselhozbanka, one of these days have entered into social council at FNS. Do not distract these directions from your primary activity?

— on the contrary, only help. The more at me possibilities will faster help realisation of projects with which to us address, the better all.

— Whether you face situations when businessmen try to push informally the initiatives through friends in ASYAS? Whether you struggle as - that with kumovstvom in agency or such problem is not present?

— Kumovstva by definition in agency cannot be, as ­ many people who here work, before ASYA`S creation about each other at the best only heard. Are in advance doomed to failure and all attempts as you have told, “ informally to push “ the initiative: all projects at us are registered through the special form on an official site of the agency, to each project assign the number. Plus is such filters, as advisory councils into which the experts who are not working in agency ­ and not receiving neither salaries from it, nor awards enter­. Plus is the supervisory board as the highest authority which is headed by the president. However I will notice that in regions businessmen often approach and try to transfer the projects in written form. But all of us patiently explain to them that there is a site — please, through it.

— you have told that many experts do not get wages, and work “ for simple so “. And what then motivation?

— As though it pathosly sounded, they work for idea. At many successful business, and they want to participate actively in country life, to develop it. Certainly, finally they oposredovanno work including on themselves. Being involved ­ in positive changes of an enterprise climate in the country, they create and improve business dealing conditions that it was then more convenient to them to work.

— And how many now at you “ ideological “ people?

— To agency help a practical advice ­ and real work of ten thousand persons. It is well visible within the limits of work on working out of road maps of the National enterprise initiative.

— those who addresses in a direction " more often count On what help; New business “?

— For a year our experts have considered hundreds projects, about 90 projects now in a final stage of the coordination, and all should be by the end of the year qualitatively worked ­ 100. Very often it is necessary to face a problem of absence of long money. Many projects with which address to us, are calculated not on one and not two years. Agree, so far as concerns essential expansion of manufacture or creation of almost whole branch, considerable time is necessary. Here, for example, the project on processing of the worn out tyres and reception high-quality rubber granuljata which can be used in building of sports constructions, roads or by secondary manufacture of autotyres. In Russia more than 67 % of the fulfilled tyre covers are thrown out, and the branch on their processing is in an initial stage of development. The project provides building of five factories in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kazan, Ufa, Chelyabinsk. This project visually shows one more problem which the agency, and simultaneously should solve a problem which many businessmen, &mdash face; overcoming of administrative barriers. The modern states so are arranged that without a regulation officially to do something it is almost impossible­, even to collect automobile tyre covers for the further processing. I not for anarchy, do not say that is necessary less statutory acts. It is a question of elimination of excessive bureaucracy there where it obviously is not necessary. Businessmen for 20 years have changed, among those who creates the serious manufacture, wishing to play “ dark games “ it is few. On the contrary, businessmen directly speak about problems, and the most important thing, offer the vision of the decision of complicated questions. It also was distinctly showed during working out “ road maps “ the National enterprise initiative.

— Speaking about NPI, whether it is possible to result any concrete results already? After all ASYAS and your colleagues on “ to Club of leaders “ are engaged in monitoring “ road maps “.

— Approved by the head of the supervisory board of ASYA and signed by the head of the government “ road maps “ certainly, not end in itself. For business important how much that is put in these documents, will really work. The information on the actions included in three " is now analysed; road maps “: “ Increase of availability of a power infrastructure “ “ Improvement of an enterprise climate in building sphere “ “ Perfection of customs administration “.

Two actions “ a road map “ “ Perfection of customs administration “ are executed not in full. Formally FTS has executed the given point: in admission places now there is a preliminary information on the goods imported on customs territory of the Customs union through the international automobile check points. Also there was possible an occurrence of the preliminary information within the limits of a control system of risks for decision-making on release of the goods. Thus businessmen consider that real terms of passage of the goods through border were not reduced yet.

— Why?

— All I will not list, but, according to business, the reasons a little. Unfairly long unique identification number of transportation (36 signs) which difficult operatively to enter into system. Or here still a problem which is characteristic for our country: the preliminary information is not used by other supervising bodies. Databases of Rospotrebnadzora, Rosselhoznadzora and FTS do not correlate among themselves. I will notice also that the preliminary information transferred to the Belarus customs bodies, is not used by the Russian customs bodies.

— What “ a road map “ besides customs you can name the most debatable?

— Undoubtedly, it is a card on building. It and is clear: in it some members of working group tried to contain all wishes, all unresolved from problem Soviet period. In general, without serious disputes has not managed.

— And from those cards, what now on the way what, in your opinion, can cause disputes and, probably, a setting out from officials?

— Hardly now someone will interfere seriously with execution “ road maps “. When the first working cards have started to be developed, many not absolutely understood that this such and what for all it is necessary. I remember that among a part of journalistic community there was a certain conviction that is work only for the sake of a tick. But practice has shown that, having told “ and “ the agency has not forgotten to add “ “. As a result of a card are signed, the first results have gone. And the recent published rating of the World bank to that acknowledgement: we have risen with 120 - go on 112 - e a place. Also it is a rating against which data investors all over the world lean.

— As to plans by quantity of cards, they do not increase? Whether also it is possible to say that everything that is registered in “ road maps “ it will be executed?

— the Position of principle consists that there will be only 22 cards. It is impossible to write under each problem new “ a road map “. As to execution... Know, to read tea leaves — business ungrateful. Certainly, in an ideal it would be desirable, that as much as possible in full it is all it was executed. Also I underline: not formally, and it is real. One business — to write many beautiful papers, another matter — really to carry out ­ that is written to them. Eventually, really it would be desirable to live in the country in which comfortably to work.

And we over it work. Literally one example. In the end of November factory opening in the city of Uglich of Yaroslavl region ­(on the nearest nabsovete we will report on this project on the president) is planned­. This manufacture of the power effective high-voltage ­ not isolated wires. There it is created an order of 100 workplaces with the white salary, with stimulus of the further perspective growth. In the future building of similar factories is planned still.