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In the Kremlin have denied plans on service life increase in army

the Management of Russia does not consider possibility of increase in term of active duty till one and a half years, has informed the high-ranking source in the Kremlin. So in the country leaders have commented on today`s messages in mass-media that service life in army can be again increased till one and a half years.

Similar plans unequivocally are not present — the interlocutor in the Kremlin has declared agencies ITAR - TASS. The source also has underlined that several years ago Vladimir Putin promised to reduce service life in army. From this point on term systematically decreased. Thus, promises g - on Putin have been executed, anybody to change them does not gather.

Today in mass-media the statement of the chairman of the Duma committee on Vladimir Komoedova`s defence, made in interview to the newspaper " is actively discussed; News . In particular, he has informed that the committee intends to demand from the new Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Shojgu of revision of service life in army to 1,5 years. In its opinion, it is necessary for better preparation of military experts.

Term needs to be made one and a half year and not to come back any more to this question. Reduction of service till one year was the political decision, and it badly influences battle readiness of army. Especially we have closely approached to a demographic hole — he marked in conversation with the edition.

Service life in the Russian army has been reduced some years ago. So, since autumn of 2007 instead of two years of soldiers should serve one and a half year. Since January, 2008 service life was reduced till one year.

Earlier, in the February, 2012, occupying then a post of premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has declared that service life in army on an appeal is not planned to increase. the call-up liability remains 12 months — has told g - n Putin, answering a question of one of soldiers (the citation on RIA Novosti news agency). Then the prime minister has explained that because in armies the difficult military technology arrives, there is a problem of preparation of qualified personnel. For this purpose, he spoke, it is necessary to move to revival doprizyvnoj preparations through system DOSAAF and to increase quantity of contract employees.