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Rescue and keep

Kasabian c the third attempt come to Moscow

There is in England such national entertainment — fate - n - a beater to rescue. The youth is entered by packs, the propaganda machine in the form of magazines Q and NME puts paper kilometres on illumination of sacred struggle. Numbers of recruits salute to precepts Beatles rollingov and tseppelinov . As time for a place is not necessary, to a course go already and old kind Manchester, and is smoothfaced - the priest with all their legends. Kasabian already how many years leave that is thought up for a long time, but is not forgotten in any way. To make up in one person and all at once — from Primal Scream to The Rolling Stones — it is possible on November, 22nd in club Stadium Live.

the recognition Factor — a phenomenon investigated not only muzkritikami, but also psychologists and physiologists — for public it is not less important, than new melodies. The gang from Leicester, taken the name on Linda Kasabjan`s surname, is, enough, participant of a gang of Charles Manson however, maloholnoj as the the priest - the car from already ready details specially collected. Having started literally everything, than the English fate of last decades is rich, leaders Kasabian Tom Mejgan and guitarist Serzh Pitstsorno have not lost. In the first album of 2004 with the same name the group nestesnitelno and with stadium swing has at once bitten several sacred cows — Primal Scream, The Stone Roses and Oasis. Took also impudence — That Mejgan in habits and copied Liema Gellahera, without having forgotten to peel both gopnicheskie a manner, and potjagivanie vowels in a vocal. The press has choked with delights: here it, fate - n - a beater: also look as it is necessary, and play, and on a horse-radish of all are ready to send.

In saviours and keepers of traditions Kasabian have entered almost automatically. With that quantity hajpa that has fallen out on group, not to jump in the king it was difficult. Prizes for the patsanstvo in the homeland Kasabian and took regularly — first of all from the most engaged editions. Before an exit of second album Empire in 2006 - m they have swept on a warming up at The Rolling Stones. Label Columbia, in whose list then there were both groups, has let out young growth to gambol and at the same time to ground sales.

To the third album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum the group began to dig more deeply and to get rid of advances with mankunianstvom — from liemofilii to recover, truth, it has not turned out. Instead of Jim Ebissa who has caused a stir when - that with sound UNKLE and DJ Shadow, in a producer armchair Deniel Nakamura, a has taken seat. k. a. Dan the Automator, known first of all on debut Gorillaz. The last has immediately affected a sound: both the rhythm, and music though gathered, as before, on known susekam, became more artful. Instead of Primal Scream have got already psihodelika and the courses peculiar not so much The Stone Roses, how many The Beatles, The Kinks and The Rolling Stones. Though in 2009 - m Kasabian have received for these changes a quantity of hairpins, to the latest album Velociraptor which has appeared in last year, they like managed to combine more integral design from the set. Here have appeared already and east motives — too, in general - that, an important part of the British fate, and almost dzhonbonemovskaja power of drums.

Arrival of heroes the fate - n - a beater to Moscow occurs from the third attempt — that will be ill with Tom Mejgan, the child at whom in group will be born. If last second there will be any new regional ohm, apparently, already will be surprised nobody. But if all sticks together, there is a chance at once to pull at all British backs and on a pair of clocks to feel the normal British street mugger... And fate - n - a beater to rescue, certainly.