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Zenith has taken off from League of champions

Petersburg Zenith after Spartakom has left League of champions. After the fifth round of group tournament pitertsy go on the third place in group C and keep chances only on hit in League of Europe.

On Wednesday Zenith on the home field accepted Spanish Malaga and the victory was necessary to it only. Prospects pitertsev were quite iridescent: Spaniards have already provided to themselves an exit in plej - off tournament that is why the result of a match in their St.-Petersburg not too worried. Manuel Pellegrini has brought actually duplicating structure to Russia, allowing to have a rest leaders and giving chance to who in other circumstances would not have a possibility to play at similar level.

However even with a double Malaga Zenith has not consulted. By tenth minute pitertsy burnt Losing 0:2, and their position was catastrophic. Both goals became result of the roughest errors of defence. On the eighth minute Diego Buonanotte has had an opportunity free to dispose of a ball in the stranger penal and confidently realised the moment. And after even minute Vyacheslav Malafeev has presented a ball about Roke Santa Krusu`s gate, and the Paraguayan has accepted a gift: having promoted in penal, he has done pass on Sebastjana Ernandesa, and that has shot the helpless goalkeeper. The beginning left — could not be worse. zenith plainly and game has not had time to enter, as has found out that at the contender already huge advantage, actually a match to owners has begun with the account 0:2. It is no wonder that in the first time Zenith and could not come to the senses and recover from this blow.

But in the second pitertsy have pressed the contender to collars so that that to sigh once again was afraid. Danni which at last was restored after the hardest trauma and has played at the usual level, worked wonders, and Spaniards could not consult with it in any way. The Portuguese appeared that on the right at the left, supplying with transfers of Halka and Alexander Kerzhakova, and it was clear that a goal — time business.

As a result it was possible to cause a stir to Danni. At the very beginning of the second time of Tomash Gubochan a parachute has thrown a ball in penal, and Danni tehnichno has punched by the goalkeeper in a lower corner. zenith has cheered up and has rushed to hammer in the second ball. Alexander Kerzhakov be more successful, Zenith would make even the account at once after a goal of Danni, but, alas, to the forward desperately did not carry also it sent a ball anywhere, but only not to gate.

to Restore balance in the account it was possible to Victor Fajzulinu who has left on replacement — Danni could not hammer from two metres into empty gate, but the ball has jumped aside to the halfback of Russian national team, and that could punch precisely through a thick of the players who have accumulated in the penal. Unfortunately, Zenith has evened up scores only for three minutes till the end of a match, it simply did not have time that dozhat the contender and to pull out a victory.

After a pair of clocks Italian Milan has beaten on a visit Anderleht and by that has left pitertsev behind a board plej - off Leagues of champions.