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Yesterday fragments of interplanetary automatic station a Fobos - the Ground unsuccessfully started from the cosmodrome Baikonur in the night from 8 for November, 9th, 2011, have fallen in water area of Pacific ocean. According to the main centre of investigation of space conditions of space command, about 30 fragments in lump about 200 kg have fallen in 1250 kilometres to the west of island Vellington.
The whole day long experts of Federal space agency (Russian Space Department) updated the data about a possible place and time of falling of fragments of station a Fobos - the Ground . Along toward evening agency RIA - News referring to own sources has declared that falling can happen in 120 km to the west of the Argentina city of Rosario, however this outcome, according to sources in armies air - space defence (VKO), there was one of the most improbable . Earlier Russian Space Department officially informed that station fragments can fall to Atlantic ocean. However, as the official representative of armies VKO of the Ministry of Defence colonel Alexey Zolotuhin has informed, station fragments have fallen in Pacific ocean. Presumably, it happens nearby 21:45 Moscow time.

now before experts of Russian Space Department there was only one problem connected with a Fobos : finding-out of the reasons of supernumerary deducing into an orbit. The preliminary data should be reported on incident plausible reasons by the head of the commission Yury Koptevym to the head of Russian Space Department Vladimir Popovkinu past Friday, however from - for uncertainty of time and a falling place a Fobos the report has been transferred for a week. Details in tomorrow`s number .