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It adds a negative to expectations of all investors which work with an eurozone

Creditor banks have interrupted negotiations with the government of Greece about write-off of a part of a state debt of this country. As a result experts have again started talking about high probability of a default under the Greek bonds. Details were told by Andrey Zagorsky.
the basic agreement on write-off of 50 % of the Greek debt has been reached in October, however creditors and the Athenian government already were engaged more than two months in the coordination of its details. The question on profitableness of new bonds which, according to existing arrangements, should replace the former became a stumbling-block, apparently. It seems that to overcome disagreements yet it is not possible, that is why a question on the Greek default and its possible catastrophic consequences again on the agenda.

However, a default of Greece, probably, not the unique variant of succession of events in a present situation, is believed by the director for operations in the financial markets of the company the Partner Andrey Mordavchenkov.

If creditor banks have interrupted negotiations with Greece it or approaches a default Greek, or approaches acceptance by the European Union of any emergency measures on rescue of Greeks - he considers.

in the Summer investors, it agree to the data of polls, estimated probability of a default on the Greek debt in 80 %. Now this indicator for certain still above, after all negotiations have been suspended against agency S decision &P to lower a rating to the majority of the states of an eurozone, including one of its leaders - France. Last circumstance seriously aggravates all news negative, concerning Europe, the assistant to the general director of Institute of development of the financial markets Valery Petrov marks.

Decrease in ratings did not become the big unexpectedness, however it is not necessary to dismiss that fact that each new negative event adds a negative not simply on the market, it adds a negative to expectations of all investors which work with an eurozone - he is assured.

Agency S &P has lowered a rating of nine of 17 states of an eurozone. Thus the second for the sizes of economy and influence the European Union country - France - has lost the highest credit rating AAA. To it rating AA + with the negative forecast has been appropriated.

agency S &P has left the highest credit rating AAA to only four states of an eurozone - Germany, Finland, to Luxembourg and the Netherlands, and with the stable forecast - only Germany.