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The Perm company Aksion - RDM has received 29 million rbl. from fund Skolkovo

Investment committee of Fund Skolkovo has passed the decision on allocation of the grant at a rate of 29 million rbl. of the company from the Perm edge Aksion - Rare and Precious Metals ( Aksion - RDM ) Is a project of ZPIF OR () And Bioprocess of Kepital Venchurs the capital of Open Society created with participation the Russian venture company . On it informs a press - service of the governor. As they say in the message, the enterprise project is aimed at working out and introduction of the production technology domestic ionoobmennyh materials with adaptive selectivity to ions of the individual metal, surpassing the best competitive analogues. Ionoobmennye materials AXION will allow to raise essentially competitiveness of the majority of technologies of processing of the raw materials containing rare metals, to lower the cost price of received metal and to promote realisation of the concept of rational use of natural resources. Support from fund Skolkovo will allow to expand the program of tests of the project that will give the chance to investigate more scopes of application ionoobmennyh materials of new generation.