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With such approach of Portugueses to Zenith it will be uneasy

In the European football championships the set of matches has been played a past week-end. They were watched by a sports observer FM Vladimir Osipov. He has shared the supervision with conducting Andrey Norkinym.
- That it is possible to allocate? Perhaps about the Benfika ?

- Yes.

is most, on - to mine, interesting to our listeners.

- In general I wanted to finish it.

- it is good.

- I will begin, time about to the Benfika have started talking, because the match - that was absolutely shaking. I in general the Portuguese championships do not look.

- I think that, basically, in general its people do not look.

- do not look, because there two, in general, commands - to Port and the Benfika - And it is more there than anybody is not present, like as. But here a question at all in it and as children play, same it is simply improbable. A match the Benfika - Setubal .

And I had such sensation that for people from the Benfika which left in the field, this match for them, in general, last that they rummaged a field the football boots. They wanted this command, Setubal to roll up in this field. And they have won 4:1. Balls fantastic, in general, very beautiful game. I to you can tell that the Benfika in a month will play with Zenith . And I to you can tell that it will be very much, to put it mildly, uneasy.

- Zenitubal will be?

- Zenitubal will be, I am afraid, very serious, because with such approach and with such game, of course, to Zenith it will be uneasy.

- And now then about something more neutral

- Yes, now give traditionally about England, there 21 - j the round, all them 38. Too I, by the way, have envied people because in this championship any serednjak can select at everybody points. Swansea - the Arsenal . Swansea is a command which has come only this year in the prime minister - league, and here this match - bright acknowledgement. And not, that Swansea sat out in defence, and at them is not present there either Van Persi, or Arshavina in this command. They left and, know, how boxers speak, have chopped simply the Arsenal openly have gone and have won in this open, fair, present fight. Arshavin has done pass, has caused a stir. In general, on 63 - j to minute it have replaced, and, nevertheless, the Arsenal has lost with the account 2:3. Here such here history.

Give now about Italy, there 18 - j round, there Milan derbi. Inter has won with the account 1:0. Not so entertainment the match has turned out, it very much was strained, very much was such disturbing, but all - taki one hammered ball, and there a counter was that they played everyone in the football: Milan went forward that is called, pressure big, held a ball, and " much; Inter waited in an ambush of the counterattacks.

as a result of Diego Milito of the hour has waited - on 54 - j to minute has hammered, and has won Inter also has not started up Milan on the first place, on - former on the first place Juventus .

And briefly it is literally about the championship of Spain because there the sensation such became ripe. Barcelona houses with Betisom played, the account to 52 - j was to minute neutral 2:2, but as a result the Leopard has gathered. But, you know, fans are very dissatisfied, the press too writes: such pathos have arranged action - before the beginning of this match there was Lionel Messi, has taken out the the Gold ball and as a result so have relaxed that have passed two balls, played half-feet and that have won, well not that a miracle, skill, of course, but fans are dissatisfied with game Barcelonas .