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In Moscow there are no average level hotels

Residing at the Moscow hotels - the most expensive among the European capitals, and it at insufficiently qualitative service, is told by Andrey Voskresensky, leaning against the analytical data. In capital deficiency of hotels of an average price segment is sharply felt, therefore the basic lodgers are businessmen, instead of tourists.
average cost of residing in hotels of Moscow has in the end of the last year made 7 thousand 684 rbl. a day. According to the international portal Hotel. info, it is the highest indicator among the European capitals.

the reasons of this doubtful superiority not that the capital of Russia suddenly became the centre of the international tourism, and not that our hotels - the best in Europe. Simply we in general have not enough hotels, and especially there are no two - and three-stars. The total amount of qualitative number fund of Moscow makes hardly less 41 thousand numbers. From them only 63 % concern the lowest price categories - these figures are resulted by analysts of company Praedium. For comparison: in London which population makes two thirds from Moscow, - it is twice more than 83 thousand numbers.

New hotels which appear in Moscow, concern, as a rule, to categories four and five stars is, for example, Ritz - Carlton, Lotte Hotel, Radisson Royal, Hilton and so on. The low price segment is presented basically by out-of-date hotels of Soviet period. But also in them daily residing makes 4 - 5 thousand rbl. According to experts of company Hospitality In. Comm, it on 35 - 50 % above their real cost.

absence of the qualitative offer on the average a segment is a basis of incorrect pricing in the Moscow hotel market.

Level of hotels which stimulate tourist appeal, is 1,5 - 2 thousand rbl. A day, including a breakfast. Therefore residing at hotels of Moscow is formed now mainly at the expense of the visitors who have visited a city within the limits of business trips. And tourists prefer other points of a planet.