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Game rules

Within a month the largest state companies TEKa should find a graceful way out of a difficult situation. They need to invent a technique of an estimation of own efficiency which will provide the decision of the problem put almost one year ago by president Dmitry Medvedev, - for three years to cut expenses on 27 %.

Programs of decrease in expenses on 10 % in a year should appear by October, 1st, 2011. In the companies on this theme always made comments reluctantly. The basic sense was reduced to what to cut expenses on 27 % for three years is unreal, but it is possible to develop the program. In the beginning of October the government has reported about commission performance, the assistant to the president Arcady Dvorkovich has confirmed that the summary report is studied. The ways of unknown increase of efficiency offered by the companies and competitiveness did not reveal. Managers had a hope that the report on realisation will be lowered on brakes. It is necessary as to report to already new president.

But on Friday in Ministry for the Power Generating Industry has passed meeting on which the new problem has been put: till February, 15th to finish a technique of an estimation of an indicator of decrease in expenses. Arcady Dvorkovich has confirmed that the question is actual and is on control. To hand over a company technique should even in the autumn, but as have explained in the device of the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov, not all with it have consulted. From comments interrogated players of allied industries follows that not everywhere understand, what exactly needs to be reduced: as a whole operational expenses or expenses on bought production and service. The mess is aggravated with that according to the new law on purchases of state companies they should develop and confirm corresponding corporate positions till April, 1st, 2012. Some have tried to hand over them. Others sent also position about purchases, and the plan of decrease in operational costs (basically at the expense of salaries). The third have reported on the plan of reduction of investment programs.

Ministry for the Power Generating Industry informs that will estimate efficiency on the basis of such indicators, as profitability on net profit, debt loading, quarter dynamics of a gain and net profit. But officials have left to the companies space for maneuver, having specified that are ready to estimate economy with the account intermediate term and long-term quantity indicators . In Ministry of Economics recognise that a number of expenses, for example tariffs of natural monopolies, cannot be reduced to 10 % a year. So the companies have a possibility creatively to approach to preparation of a technique and formally to be entered in requirements of the president.