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the Problem that the obvious electoral challenge " is thrown down to Putin;

Vladimir Putin has explained, what for goes on elections
In the author`s article published on a pre-election site, the candidate for presidents writes that the restoration period is passed and in it a considerable merit him and group of adherents. The situation to leader Andrey Norkinu was commented by political scientist Ilya Konstantinov.
- in your opinion, what basic sense in this article on whom it is calculated?

- I think that in this article Putin counts, first of all, on the base electorate, on so-called ohranitelej, on those levels of population which are to the greatest degree interested in stability preservation, preservation existing the status - kvo, are interested in avoiding abrupt, risky changes. The most different levels of population concern these groups, among them is and very provided people, but, of course, all - taki the basic file is senior and average generation, that is people of 50 years and are more senior.

- and what necessity? The matter is that any more for the first time lately Putin addresses to the traditional electorate. And why this electorate where - that from it leaves?

- the Problem that the obvious electoral challenge, and not by any concrete candidate for presidents is thrown down to Putin. The challenge on behalf of so-called incorporated opposition is thrown down to Putin and this call so is formulated: For everybody, only not for Putin . Here with this danger Vladimir Putin also should struggle in the near future. For overcoming of this call he also is compelled to address again to the traditional conservative electorate, again to consolidate its considerable part, again to show in this part of an electoral spectrum liderskie qualities.

- that is, there is a risk, what consolidation will be any insufficient and simply there will be no voices at supporters of the present prime minister?

- In - the first, we understand that there is a risk of the second round.

- that in it bad?

- On the one hand, anything bad, and, on the contrary, it would be good, from the point of view, say, the international image of Russia.

- is not present, from the point of view of Vladimir Putin and its selective staff.

- I think that fears are caused by possible destabilization of a situation in connection with mass street protests, type of what we observed in the end of the last year. If such protests begin in a phase between the first and second round, it can mean very serious complications both internal, and a foreign policy situation. It is not necessary to forget that the huge role is played by reaction of the world community to elections to Russia, a recognition the world community of these elections legitimate and degree of legitimacy of these elections. All these factors now, I think, considers Putin`s staff.

- whether there is at you already an understanding of what the main slogan of election campaign of Vladimir Putin is? It was possible to draw such conclusion from those materials which are already published by its staff or it is direct under its signature?

- I would formulate the slogan of election campaign of Putin as follows: development on the basis of stability.