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Rosneftegaz will receive energy

the Government suggests to give it a state share Inter the Russian Open Society

chapters Seeming till now by hopeless plans Rosneft Igor Sechina on occurrence in electric power industry, seemingly, have found the response in the government. vitse - prime minister Arcady Dvorkovich has suggested president Vladimir Putin to consolidate the state package Inter the Russian Open Society on base Rosneftegaza the basic shareholder Rosneft . Analysts consider that sale of a state share of the generator is more preferable than a transfer of stock in trust management.

In the letter to the head of the state which quotes Bloomberg referring to Interfax vitse - the prime minister speaks about consolidation during 2013 — 2015 on balance Rosneftegaza 53,44 % of actions of the power company. Next year it is offered to transfer a package in 14,79 %, belonging to Rosimushchestvu. 19,95 more % of actions Inter the Russian Open Society 13,42 % &mdash belong FSK; to Rosatom 5,28 % — RusGidro . All of them also can depart in due course Rosneftegazu . The government was not defined yet with way of consolidation of a package Inter the Russian Open Society in a state company that is why has suggested either to sell it or to give to trust management.

Igor Sechina`s Idea about participation Rosneftegaza in dokapitalizatsii the thermal power station companies it is discussed in the higher echelons of power since May. Then it has been supported by president Vladimir Putin. Offers of head Rosneft participations " concerned; Rosneftegaza in dokapitalizatsii RusGidro (the decision about dokapitalizatsii directly from the budget), and a bit later and in association " as a result was accepted; Holding MRSK and FSK (the companies have united on base Holding MRSK in the Russian networks ) . The transaction on consolidation of actions Inter the Russian Open Society the market considers as a concession of Dvorkovicha Sechinu. In Inter the Russian Open Society have refused comments.

There is a distinct trend on consolidation of the state actives in electric power industry on base Inter the Russian Open Society and consolidation of a state block of shares — one of steps to this direction. For the market this next acknowledgement of such policy of the state — summarises an event the main expert of Gazprombank Natalia Porohova.

If Rosneftegaz will redeem packages at FSK and RusGidro it will be the quite good decision as will allow the companies - to sellers monetizirovat not profile active, having directed a monetary stream on investment and financial activity, — the analyst " considers; TKB BNP Pariba Investment cop Partners Ruslan Muchipov. In its opinion, transfer of a package to trust management — Less preferable variant.

At present Rosneftegazu (100 % of actions at the state) belong 75,16 % of actions Rosneft 10,74 % of actions Gazprom 7 % in the Caspian pipeline consortium (KTK), and also more than 70 share holdings in other power enterprises.