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Alexander Medvedev: Gazprom wants to increase the share in the market of Germany

the Russian power giant Gazprom intend to increase the share in the German market of trade in gas. Germany is and will be our major market in Europe – the vice-president of board " has declared supervising export transactions of the company; Gazprom Alexander Medvedev in interview Handelsblatt. We see prospects in trade in gas in Germany and we want to increase here the share of the market – the interlocutor of the newspaper has noted.

Russia not only cover one third of all requirement of Germany in natural gas, two weeks ago Gazprom declared also about the intention entirely to buy the wholesale dealer gas Wingas. This company about a staff - apartment in Kassel, in which till now Gazprom As well as its partner BASF, has 50 %, is after concern E. ON Ruhrgas the second for the importance in German wholesale trade in gas (a market share – 15 – 20 %).

On strengthening of positions Gazprom in Europe many look sideways. Several months ago the Eurocommission initiated antimonopoly investigation which should answer a question, whether the Russian company of a competition in the market of gas of EU interferes. However it especially does not disturb Alexander Medvedev. the shown claims really became for us a surprise – he has told, having noticed that Gazprom is the pioneer of liberalisation of the market in Europe. By words g - on Medvedev, it Gazprom has proved together with BASF on an example of creation of the wholesale seller of gas Wingas which has destroyed monopoly in the German market of natural gas. We depend on the Western Europe in the same measure, as the Western Europe from us – Alexander Medvedev has underlined.

the Vice-president Gazprom has acted also in protection of disputable practice of a binding of cost of gas to the oil price. it would become the big experiment if the gas price was guided only on spotovyj the market. And who should pay, if experiment is not possible? To clients, certainly. Indeksirovannye contracts about the price for oil, on the contrary, are predicted and well operated – Alexander Medvedev has specified.