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The USA press the capital

In a rating of the most expensive companies ever less competitors from China

the American companies force out the Chinese competitors from a rating of 500 companies of the world largest on market capitalisation, data Bloomberg testifies. Investors trust open market economy of the USA which already has closely come nearer to pre-crisis rates of increase, than command principles of a business management in China more. Rates of increase of gross national product in Heavenly Empire this year, predictably, become minimum since 1999.

In comparison with 2009 of the company from the USA have increased the presence at the list with 159 to 171. All together they are estimated by investors in 10,6 trln dollars that makes 40,3 % from the general capitalisation of 500 leading world public companies. At the same time the number of the Chinese companies in a rating for three years was reduced with 34 to 24 (a total cost — 1,74 trln dollars) .

the Alignment of forces in a rating corresponds to dynamics of stock markets of two countries. From the beginning of year index S &P 500 has added 13 % (in comparison with a bottom reached in March, 2009, he has grown twice). In China index Shanghai Composite from the beginning of year has decreased on 10 % and now bargains near to four-year minima. And it in spite of the fact that since 2009 the Chinese economy grew three times faster American and left on the second place in the world, having overtaken the Japanese. The profit of the Chinese companies for last three years has grown semikratno, more than twice having outstripped growth of financial indicators in the USA.

In China communication between stock market and economy which and in other countries is not so strong, practically is absent. The market most part — these are the large state financial and industrial companies. That is in economy they do not reflect the general situation — economist Capital Economics Mark Williams has explained daily. Thus state companies actively influence made decisions. they, as a matter of fact, continuation of machinery of state, and interests of shareholders — not the first and at all their second priority — the economist has added.

the American share market is perceived by investors as one of the most safe during crisis which besides is restored faster others after its end. In 2002 — 2007, before financial crisis, gross national product of the USA added on the average on 2,6 % a year. In 2012 the American economy can grow on 2,2 %.

the majority of the economists interrogated Bloomberg, believe that the Chinese economy in 2013 will be accelerated to 8,1 % after growth on 7,7 % (minimum since 1999), expected in this year. Many investors believe that now good time for purchase of cheap actions of the local companies. However experts notice that the logic, characteristic for the developed share markets of the western countries, in China simply does not work. the majority of investors in China — small that aggravates fluctuations in the market. They proceed not from the fundamental analysis of business, and simply follow in a waterway of mood prevailing at present which is defined basically by short-term factors — Mark Williams has noted.