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The way to accelerate Wi - Fi

the Software increases productivity of public wireless networks

the American scientists from University of the State of North Carolina have thought up the new tool for acceleration Wi - Fi in public places. The special software essentially improves throughput of a wireless network.

Speed Wi - Fi in public places like the airports or cafe frequently insufficient. Software WiFox is created to supervise traffic volume on Wi - Fi - to the channel, placing priorities between inquiries.

the Program carries out a role of the original traffic controller, tracing level of congestion of the channel. If WiFox finds out backlog of data transmission from - for network overloads to unload a stopper, it gives a priority to those inquiries which have arrived earlier, and then returns a network to an initial operating mode.

there Is all it instantly and imperceptibly for users who only use the Internet on high speed. Thanking WiFox network Wi - Fi reacts to inquiries of the user without dependence from when it was connected, on the average four times faster.

Working out will be presented at conference ACM CoNEXT 2012 which will pass in Nice from December, 10 till December, 13th.