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Power under a dress coat

the Test - Bentley Mulsanne drive

never loses the Classic of the value. Which - what even blossoms in the course of time, as good wine. Here and we have saddled Bentley Mulsanne only after two years after its occurrence in the market. Contact with the fine has brought not only pleasure of acquaintance, but also grief of parting when after the one-day test of this superbonus sedan for its native land, in Britain, it was necessary to come back back, to gloomy Moscow.

Replaced in 2010 of the predecessor, flagman model Arnage, Mulsanne has made kambek. In 1980 — 1992 British already let out a sedan with such name which, predictably, should add a profit stream in sales of mark. But as in those days Bentley still belonged to Rolls-Royce and made copies of cars of this, about something outstanding it was necessary to dream only.


By words the chief - the designer of Bentley Dirka van Brekelja, creating an image of a new leader, its command has concentrated on a classical heritage of mark. Taking sculptural forms from the past (designers derived inspiration mainly from Bentley S - Type the end 1950-), them have simply modernised ­ modern lines. And recognised Bentley with perchinkoj in appearance and traditional soaring letter B on a cowl &mdash has turned out; the first car of own working out of mark since 1930 (from the end 1990 - h it has passed under Volkswagen Group wing)!

It has turned out not only ljubo - it is expensive (for example, overlays on thresholds and radiatornuju a lattice of the polished stainless steel are made now only by Bentley), but also is improbable atletichno. The sedan habit is underlined by some elements of an exterior. In - the first, huge 20 - inch (optsionalno — 21 - inch) the wheel disks hinting at fast driving without compromises. In - the second, covering wheels monumental arches. Well and certainly, ovals of tips of exhaust pipes, the kind saying that under a cowl creates something terrifying.

In salon all in general is finished to the absolute peculiar to a superpremium. Only ponder: the choice from 23 colours is offered to clients... Seat belts! And that by variants of furnish of salon it is possible to write the whole small volume, can not doubt at all. Thus, where you looked, any deceit — this tree, aluminium and a skin. And only the first-rate quality. And on all length torpedo the integral wooden panel flaunts. A glamour!


to see the eyes as British put all soul in each car rolled out from shops, we have visited manufacture Mulsanne in Cheshire small town Krju (daily wrote about it in number from 26. 11. 12). But besides manual assemblage of sedans and the scrupulous relation to this process of factory workers us the road test, matter of course, interested.

To honour of British to test the car to us it was possible in all possible forms: the trip as the driver at the wheel Mulsanne, the passenger &mdash was coming; on its back sofa, and also the test in a sport mode on range Englsi grasping spirit nearby to Liverpool.

First of all — for a wheel. Here you get without a key (its presence enough only to check up in a pocket), than now you will not surprise even buyers of cars a golf - a class. But that the system ­ keyless entry reminds the car of the radio stations adjusted earlier, contact - sheet, configurations of all seats, including massage and ventilation modes, about wheel options, position of seat belts and — oh, damn! — even shtorok at back windows! It, whether know, already too.

At once it would be desirable to hear peals biturbirovannogo V8. The start button, 2,6 - the ton car hardly shudders — and the motor baritone there and then caresses hearing. Running forward, we will notice that the power unit became on 15 % ekologichnee as can deaktivirovat on a course four of eight cylinders. There was it possible at the expense of application continuous and variable gazoraspredelenija in one motor.


Before start to the driver is offered to make a choice of four modes of movement which mainly introduce corrective amendments in work of a pneumosuspension bracket, a steering, transmission and an acceleration. On the way to a track we try modes Comfort and Bentley (so adaptive work of systems is named). All grandly and without special meditations. The engine leaving on improbable 1020 Nanometers already at 1750 about./ the minute, adds confidence ­ at maneuvers, and also allows not to distract from affairs sitting in salon. Even taking into account considerable dimensions, link sided movement and enough very narrow small streets in settlements manage to drive on hurrah — the facilitated suspension bracket which has made rulezhku more harmonious and weightless affects. Certainly, how much it is possible in a case with such dimensional car.

Destiny of magnificent limousines — Grandly and slowly to roll to destination, exhaling luxury and advantage. But what general surprise when we have got on the track of Englsi located directly at coast of Irish sea nearby from base of the Air Forces of Great Britain was! Fighters indefatigably fly by in patrol of borders directly over a racing line, paternal on a shower becomes with calm and bojazno simultaneously. But such state of affairs only adjusts on a fighting harmony. The selector of a choice of modes — in position Sport, and about any ecological compatibility and switching-off of cylinders already and speeches cannot be, all is adjusted on the maximum drive.

Reeling up circles on a ring, simply you wonder, as this large object can be both slow, and impudent in one bottle. The main thing, on what here it is necessary to pay attention, — Long wheel base, the high centre of gravity and back drive which will take care of stern sending in drift, it is necessary to you to change with a speed or ahead of time to use gas on an exit from a bend with the disconnected system ­ of stabilisation. Thus it is possible and it is necessary to use for the first time appeared on Bentley leaders podrulevymi switches of transfers to assist brake system ­ before bend approach. And if suddenly it seemed to you that all this speed — empty I can object, as well as in a case with the off-road cars which owners in most cases never leave on impassability: you always know that if necessary can allow yourself it.


On the way back in Krju I have settled down on a back sofa. More precisely, on one of its separate armchairs having a heap of adjustments for the most exacting persons. As an option you can order for yourselves built in in backs of forward seats iPad together with keyboards leaving together with little tables. And absolutely to relax on the journey, it is possible to use mini - a bar between back passengers (too an option).

In a word, after this trip of Bentley has opened for me in new role. A charm of the British mark that its cars show a successful mix between luxury and sportivnostju­. If you think that the fast car cannot be simultaneously important and majestic strongly be mistaken. Mulsanne it is that.