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Medvedev counts that Afghanistan will be connected to the international projects SHOS

Russia counts that Afghanistan can be connected to realisation of the international projects within the limits of the Shanghai organisation of cooperation (SHOS). It was declared today by the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev at session of council of heads of governments SHOS.

According to the prime minister, the countries SHOS on - former face serious calls and threats in safety sphere. we support efforts of Afghanistan on restoration of peace and the national consent. We count that Afghanistan will not only receive the help in a bilateral format, but also will be connected to the international projects SHOS — quotes Medvedev`s words. Medvedev has added that these projects are known, in particular this building of a gas pipeline and a transmission line.

Medvedev also has noticed that the current economic situation really remains uneasy, but to the states — participants SHOS as a whole manage to cope with the sharpest phase financially - an economic crisis. nevertheless we do not live in the vacuum environment, we do not live in vacuum. World economy delay anyway affects and our countries — he has noted, having added that, by estimations of the International currency fund, rates of increase of global gross national product will decrease this year almost to 3 %.

For this reason on the foreground and in our organisation there is a problem of maintenance of a sustainable development through association of efforts and the economic policy coordination about what my colleagues " just spoke; — the prime minister has explained.

the Shanghai organisation of cooperation (SHOS) — the regional international organisation based in 2001. Its members are Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan; in the organisation Iran, Pakistan, India, Mongolia and Afghanistan have the status of observers.