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Polymetal will pay special dividends for the sum about 191 million dollaov

Board of directors Polymetal has made the decision on payment of special dividends in calculation 0,5 dollars for the action for the sum about 191 million dollars the Reasons of such decision there were group indicators, and also accessible money resources and the future investments, the company informs.

date of payment of dividends is appointed to January, 21st, 2013, thus the right in a currency choice is given to holders of actions: dollar or pound. The currency choice is necessary for making till January, 7th of the next year.

payment of the special dividends first in the history of the company once again confirms our strict approach to management of the capital and is a consequence of stable operational and financial results. Introduction new dividendnoj politicians shows responsibility from which we approach to maintenance of the considerable monetary income for our shareholders and to steady creation of cost - general director Polymetal Vitaly Nesis speaks.

According to dividendnoj policy Polymetal regular dividends should make 30 % from company net profit provided that the factor of debt loading to corrected EBITDA will not exceed 1,75. The Total sum of regular dividends for 2012 will be considered by board of directors when due hereunder according to mentioned dividendnoj a policy and taken out on the statement of shareholders at annual general meeting in 2013.

group Polymetal net profit on MSFO in the first half of the year 2012 has decreased on 2 %, to 148,7 million dollars, the gain has increased by 41 % and has made 767,5 million dollars, and corrected EBITDA has grown on 53 %, to 380 million dollars