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Lajk against rules

For certain and yours the friend - the tape in Facebook has been flooded by reprints of the manifesto on a non-admission of commercial use Facebook of any content of the account, and also numerous caustic comments to made such repost.

In the original the document wandered on an English-speaking segment of the Network in May, before placing Facebook on IPO. The text does not maintain any criticism: from references to the Roman statute the contract on establishment of the International criminal court, article of the Uniform trading code (USA) and the Bern conference about protection literary and works of art to the thesis that Facebook became the public company in this connection all maintenance of pages of its users became well publicly.

Why the manifesto so was actively reprinted by the Russian users FB? At desire it is possible to dream up about a sneer company of competing social networks or discredit of the idea of self-organising through social networks. Anyway, it is evident demonstration of virus effect sotssetej when from personal acquaintances we share the information, not that that without having inspected a critical sight, instead of looking in general. In this case so have arrived both lawyers, and economists, and as a whole fairly clever people, explaining it as solidarity, easy reinsurance or even original legal idealism as have written in one of legal groups FB.

From the legal point of view each user at account registration agrees and unconditionally accepts conditions of using the social network, being the agreement between FB and the user. Changes in it, according to conditions, can be brought exclusively under the initiative sotsseti — Therefore the unilateral statement of the user for partial disagreement with rules on legal consequences differs nothing from the usual comment of the user on the to a wall .

In the agreement the user gives FB the global licence for use of any materials on which its intellectual property rights extend. In it also (all possible ways of use of this data also register basically kastomizatsija services, appendices and advertising, maintenance of their safety in this connection transfer of the personal data of the user to the third parties is possible), the exit for which frameworks will be infringement of the contract from party FB.

a manifesto Phrase all my personal data, illustrations, drawings, comics, pictures, photos, video and so on are objects of my copyright Anybody basically also did not challenge, as has sounded in official and quite reasonable position Facebook about it, broadcast and the Russian journalists (it is visible, work with them has been spent in due time and competently).

Perhaps, the only thing in what it is possible to reproach defenders FB, so it with excessive sharpness concerning users as a whole, including in sketch Facebook Law for Idiots ( Rules Facebook for idiots ) In our subjective opinion, the instructive format of a roller and channels of its distribution, at least in the Russian segment Facebook, remind more likely planned FB public relations - campaign, rather than the next sketch College Humor.

the Usual amusing roller would be more pertinent, probably, even officially on behalf of the company so this year one of the American manufacturers of hygienic production for women Bodyform, appeared in a ticklish situation from - for widely discussed a post in the same FB has arrived. Though in a roller the company laughed at itself, instead of over a considerable part of the consumers.

But it is sector FMCG where the client can easily replace your napkins or krossovki with production of one of competitors. To the power or officials at us such too would not forgive (in this question any user who is not broadcasting the standard message on the discussed theme, it would be identified as sent and bought the troll ) . And Facebook it is possible — on number of audience of analogues of this network for Russians while is not present.

the Situation has meanwhile shown, how much grateful theme is preservation and protection of the data, the information and production of intellectual work of users sotssetej should emphasise this requirement and its satisfaction now Facebook or to its competitors.

Coming back to the information on user FB and its materials according to aforementioned conditions to deprive FB of the right them to use, it is necessary to remove simply such data from the account. To the same fighters who is not left by confidence that its rights have been trampled Facebook, it is necessary to mean that under the concluded agreement any disputes should be resolved in court of staff or in the federal court which is in district Santa - Clara (USA), under laws of the State of California.

Edward Amirdzhanov, the lawyer, Denmark Zajnullina, head PR - directions of legal firm Muranov, Chernjakov and partners